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Where She’s From: Lovely Sierra Freeman, whose Zodiac sign is Scorpio, was born in Brozeville (Hyde Park), Chicago, a.k.a, “the South Side� on October 26, 1985. 

“My mom was a Flight attendant so we traveled a lot,� she tells The Black Star News. “When I was six we moved to sunny South Florida where we settled down so I was basically raised in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. What I learned from my mother is no matter what you do in life, put God first because without him what you touch will not prosper,� she says.

Freeman went to Boyd Anderson High school, and graduated 2004 then headed to Keisar University, majoring in Criminal Justice. “While in school I worked for several attorneys and ranging from civil, personal injury to immigration,� she tells The Black Star. “Then early 2006 I started The Glam Concept, a public relations and management company with fellow model Tracie Mallard. Later on, we went on to add G Note Entertainment Group.� This entrepreneurial model is
now also in the mortgage brokerage and real estate business.

Where She’s At: “I still feel like we have so much more to do,� she adds, not content with her achievements. “It's almost as if we're just getting started. Even though we've done a lot we still have a lot more to accomplish. The business is booming and we are prospering. But I feel we it's time to take it to another level. I see my company becoming a necessity to many individuals in the entertainment industry nationwide.�

“Some challenges I’ve had in the industry was being a model, a woman, and young. It was hard for anyone to take me seriously when it came down to business, or anything regarding money,� she explains. “I had myself doubting my ability to produce. So from then on, I pro-pared myself. I had business cards in hand at every event, castings, and so on. I even started wearing suits to meeting with casting directors and agents. I also kept business-talk business, sticking to the script at all time.�

Freeman’s successes include a walk of fame in Miami Fashion Week for Sean John. “It was my first fashion week ever and it was an experience,� she says, and lists other achievements, “also my walk of fame on BET Spring Blings' Rimz, Ridez, and Runway Show; not to mention the talk show I host Saturday nights on UPN 33 called Tossin' it Up Miami.�

“It's important to have both attributes, beauty and brains, because brainpower always complements beauty in any conversation, transaction and situation,� Freeman adds. “Being beautiful and smart is the most powerful tools a woman can possess and she should use it accordingly.�

So how does Freeman dress for success? “So many to name, but I'm really feeling Seven, Juicy, and Express jeans--they fit a tall girl like myself. I'm also digging the Ed Hardy and Sailor Jerry gear, I like the ole school trucker look. As far as products, can't live without Fashion Fair Creme to Powder compact in Brown Blaze. It complements my skin tone. It's lightweight and doesn't contain any ingredients that will break me out. I'm loving B & B works lotions and body sprays, they’re light and airy. Last but not least, shoes--my ultimate weakness. I have too many to name, but lets just say half of my collections consists on Bakers and Nine West; they scream cute but comfy.�

Freeman’s Words Of Wisdom:
"Put God first, because without him nothing is possible.�
Freeman’s Secrets Of Success: “Find your niche; study, work your niche; perfect your niche.�
Freeman’s Favorite Cars: “I really like the XK8 Jaguar coupes. They’re really jazzy. I also like the Audi Trucks.�
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