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Where She’s From:
Skylar Youngblood was born in Texas and raised in a small country town. “I was raised by two wonderful loving parents who taught me to love who I am,” she tells The Black Star News. “Being bi-racial in Texas was not always easy but with the help of a strong family value, I was taught that is you do not love and respect yourself no one else will either. The most important thing I learned from my parents was that through God all things are possible; to not hold on to anger because it only grows into hate; and honor the value of family and the love that it takes to be a real family.”

Where She’s At: Skylar went to the Military after graduating High School. “It was a wonderful experience that made me who I am today, and the life lessons I learned from the Military has no price on it. I am currently attending College at Strayer University in Virginia where I am completing my Business Administration Degree. My Career in the modeling world began here in Virginia about eight years ago, although I did not pursue it actively until about a year ago.”

“Some people think that I am a great new talent some think I am a wonderful mentor and teacher, I think I am just getting started because everyday is the first day of the rest of your life,” Skylar adds, of how the industry has accepted her. “However, I would like the modeling experience to take me to other levels of this business. I am now training and learning every aspect of the business: Make up artist; fashion stylist, photographer, fashion show producer. I would love to start my own School and Agency one day.”

Skylar credits her “energy, talent, personality, grace, and never being afraid to step up to the challenge and showing people that everyone woman is beautiful,” as the main reasons for the success she’s had. 

“If you are beautiful, people place you on a pedestal but you never get to speak or make any decisions; everyone does the thinking for you,” Skylar explains. “However, if you are both beautiful and smart, you can be a powerhouse. The beauty gets you in the door and the brain tells the world, I am here to stay.”

So how does the beautiful soldier prepare to step out?

“I love Wet Seal clothing store, CK Jeans, and anything with a heel. My favorite lotion and body spray is Love Spell from Victoria’s Secret. I just love that store. It makes you feel sexy just by walking in and leaving with that cute little pink bag. With clothing and shoes-I really don't get into brand names. I don't think the clothes make the woman; it is the woman that makes the clothes. I do love heels and shoe stores love to see me coming…”

Skylar’s Words Of Wisdom: “Live, love, laugh. Live life to the fullest,
love others as you want to be loved and laugh even when it hurts. Life is not easy but if you face the challenges head on and pray, you can endure anything.”
Skylar’s Secrets Of Success: “God and a wonderful family support. I could
not do anything without that.”
Skylar’s Favorite Three Movies: “Pretty Woman, Matrix, and Ghost.”
Skylar’s Favorite Three Books: “Little Women, Pride and Prejudice,
and anything by James Patterson, Daniel Steel, or Mary Higgins Clark-I read instead of watching TV.”
Leaders That Have Most Inspired Skylar: The Lord is my strength and foundation; I am also inspired my Maya Angelou. She is such a profound woman and whenever I need to be inspired I read her poems and I am uplifted. And I don't think there is any woman or person of color alive who is not or was not inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He gave his life so that I might be able to go anywhere I wanted and do anything, and I am amazed that he loved me so much that he was willing to do that for me.”
The First Three Things Skylar Would Do As President: “Fire Dick Chaney; bring more jobs back into the US and stop so much outsourcing and I would bring our soldiers home.”
Skylar’s Favorite Cars: “1965 Ford Mustang - I want to buy one and restore it myself. I love SUVs and I love Accura.”
Skylar’s Five Favorite Entertainers: “Anita Baker; Billie Holiday; Aretha Franklin; Marvin Gaye; and Al Green.”

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