Southern Princess: Malandie W

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(Malandie--Big Cities are great, but she also loves the country).

Where She’s From:
This spiritual knockout, Malandie W, also known as Chynadahl, is princess of the South. She wants the entire world to know she was born and raised in Raleigh, NC and attended William G. Enloe Senior High School.

“The truth is I love the peace of the country, but I crave the racket of the Big City,� she confides to The Black Star News. “When I do get to the Big City, I love it , but there is nothing more relaxing than coming home, to my mothers heart-felt soul-food, my family and friends annual get -together, the beautiful weather, the down to earth hospitable people, and my favorite thing of all some needed time with God.�

Malandie follows the many lessons from her grandparents, and her parents, Deborrah and Kenneth. They include: “God always listens, always talk to him and never forget were you come from, because just like that it can be taken away,� and “Nothing is given to you, you have to always pray and work hard,� and “Sometimes you need to ask for help, don’t be afraid to ask—that’s why God gave you common sense and lips for.�

Not surprisingly, Malandie started modeling at church fashion shows, at the tender age of eight. “However as I got older, and my need to sing and model got stronger I got back into it, around 17 years old and have not stopped since,� she recalls. “I eat it and breath it, even started my own small business Kassani Model and Talent LLC, because of my love for the business.�

Her successes include Supermodel Magazines, “Supermodel of the Year,� and at the Hype Hair Natural Beauty competition in New York/ New Jersey, she was “Hype Hair Natural Beauty of the Year,� 2004-2005. She’s also proud of the two benefits she did for African.Advocates.Against.Aids (AAAA). “This was awesome for me,� she notes. “Using fashion, and music, and education to raise money for a great cause.� Another benefit raised money for the James Stephens III (comedian) Scholarship Gala.

Where She’s Headed: “Right now in my career, I am at a level of uplift,� Malandie says. “I have done a lot of work in the local sectors, and I have also done a few things nationally, so really I want to do more national work, runway modeling, spokes model, ad and print work, also runway training, on a even bigger national level, mainstream, and eventually I would love to do some things overseas.� Meanwhile, she plans to continue expanding Kassani Model, focusing on training other models and production work—coordinating shows, and even designing clothing. “I love to create new looks, new shows, and convey new concepts, what can I say I have a head and heart that is full of ideas.�

It can’t all be about cash money, and Malandie wants to do more charitable work,
especially with young teens and young adults. “Rape and abuse victims—this is very important to me,� she adds. “Rape is something that has happened to so many people, women and men, and no one can help a victim better than someone that has been through it. I really want to use my fame and success to help other talent as well.�

“This is a bittersweet, lifestyle,� she warns those who aspire to model “It is grand, and it burns all at once. I have gotten offers from major people and the truth is turned them down because they wanted something that I could not give them.�

Malandie’s Words Of Wisdom: “The one thing I always tell people is learn to love yourself, loving yourself is loving God, he created you in his own image, and when you learn to love yourself, you can love others as well, you can get far in life and you can do anything that you want to.�

Malandie’s  Secrets To Success: “Don’t put out bad energy because what goes around comes around-you put out good that’s what you get back, you put out bad, you get back bad.�

Malandie’s Three Favorite Movies: Scar face, Underworld, and Memoirs of a Geisha.

Malandie's Three Favorite Books: Maya Angelo “I know Why The Caged Bird Sings,� and “Wouldn’t take nothing for my journey now,� as well as Anne Rice’s “Lestat.�

First Three Things Malandie Would Do As President: “I would put prayer back in school with discipline. Spankings never hurt no-body, they helped me. I would fix healthcare and try to put a nip in teen pregnancy and raise awareness about AIDS and other STDs, and last but not least, I would can the pay rates around here. One basketball player can put a ball in a hoop and make 19 billion a year, but the nurse, the teacher, the construction worker can barely get $6.00 an hour maybe $10.00 for what they do. America should prioritize.�

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