Sunshine State’s Ericka Taylor

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Where She’s From:
Erica Taylor, whose Zodiac sign is Aries, was born and raised in The Sunshine State, Florida. “Growing up, I was taught Christian values and to always fight for what you want,� she tells The Black Star News.

“I attended Seacoast Christian Academy. The following year after graduation, I decided to see where modeling could take me. My career is still fairly new, and in the growing stage. I see myself as an international Model, and successful at anything I pursue as far as modeling.�

“In this business, one of your biggest challenges is Haters. To deal with this, I simply ignore them and go on with my life,� she adds.

Where She’s At:
“I’m proud of the connections I’ve made and the people I’ve met. I’ve built new friendships with individuals I would have never had the chance to know. On the other side of things, it’s a blessing to be signed with a wonderful agency, and to have a hard working management team that keeps me working hard.�

It’s not all about looks in the industry, Ericka says. “There are so many beautiful girls in the world. It’s important for me to show the world that I’m not just a pretty face, but smart as well. That is what will set you apart from the rest in the end.�

So how does Ericka prepare to step out? “As far as makeup goes, I’m a MAC girl. With clothing, I like to wear a little of everything. I'll have on Baby Phat one day and Dolce and Gabanna the next.�

Ericka’s Words Of Wisdom:
“Prayer changes things.�

Ericka’s Secrets Of Success: “Never Give up. If something doesn’t work, try the next thing.�

Ericka’s Favorite Three Books: “B More Careful, by Shannon Holmes;
The Bluest Eyes by Toni Morrison; and The Davinci Code, by Dan Brown.

The First Three Things Ericka Would Do As President: “Stop the war; find a way to start pulling the soldiers out of Iraq and do something quick about the immigration situation.�

Ericka’s Favorite Cars: “I love Muscle Cars, Fast Cars and Show Cars.
Anything that looks like something you would see on The Fast & Furious.�

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