Tanieka: More Than Just Beauty

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Where She’s From:
Tanieka Carter was born in Peoria, Illinois but was raised in South Memphis, Tennessee and Byhaila, Mississippi.

“I learned most of my lessons that would get me through life from my family,” the young beauty tells The Black Star News. “When they say it takes a village to raise a child that is exactly what my family was about. My cousins and I would put on performances everyday for my family. We would cheer, dance, and put on plays. We were some very creative girls.”

Tanieka attended Whitehaven High School where she was on the Band. “I played saxophone and I decided to model when I turned 18,” she says. “I started modeling part time when I went away to college. I would have photographers contact me and then we would make magic happen. After that I started making a name for myself in Memphis, Saint Louis, Illinois—I was starting to become recognized as someone who wants this dream and works hard for it and not just another pretty face.”

Where She’s At:
“I never tell people that I am a model. I like to say I do some modeling. I guess when I get into that agency and start to make it on big campaigns. That’s when I know that I have made it to where I want to go.”

“I see myself going pretty far in this industry,” she adds. “I studied fashion and costume design, acting, dancing. I feel in order to be great at your craft you must be well rounded in all aspects. I say in the next year I will be 'someone' everyone knows.”

“I did not have a father, but I had a loving mom, an aunt, uncle, grandma, cousins,” Tanieka says, recalling her childhood, when asked about some challenges in life she’s dealt with. “Everyone had a father—they knew their father and then it was me, who didn't even know how my father looked. It was hard at first but when I realized that I had so much more, that’s when I knew I was really and truly blessed.”

“I have been leads in theater productions, played Richie in Chorus line, danced on dance teams, got my self started in modeling when I was in college,” she says, when asked about accomplishments she takes pride in. “And I will continue to strive with my family and friends beside me—I am strong.”

“Anyone can be just a pretty face, but when you know how to handle yourself, how to make sure your accounting is right, or even know the way the market is going, then you are on top of things,” she continues.

“I graduated college with a Degree in Business Management and Entrepreneurship. I got a minor in Theater and Dance. When I tell people that I have degrees and I know how to make sure my accounting is intact, they are surprised. It pays to have beauty and brains; that way you are ahead of the curve.”

So how does beautiful Tanieka prepare to step out?

“I honestly I wear what I feel that day,” she says. “I do love chucks and I am in love with bare minerals for make up. I have used Aveeno for quite some time now and yes I love coco butter.”
Tanieka’s Words Of Wisdom: “Trust in the Devine. Believe in your instincts they are there for a reason.”
Tanieka’s Secrets Of Success: “Don't let anyone try to push you around. You tell them what you want what you're looking for and where you see yourself going. In this business you will always have people who will try to double cross you or use you, you have to be the one who can tell who is genuine and who is not.”
Tanieka’s Three Favorite Movies: “Little Shop Of Horrors, Willie Wonka And The Chocolate Factory—the old one, and The Wiz.”
Tanieka’s Three Favorite Books: “The Color Purple, Sister Soulja’s No Disrespect, and The Miseducation Of The Negro.”
Three Leaders That Have Most Inspired Tanieka: “Carter G Woodson, Bill Clinton, and Kathryn Graham.”
The First Three Things Tanieka Would Do As President: “The first thing I would do is to settle the debt that America has accumulated since the war.”
Some Of Tanieka’s Favorite Cars: “The Volvo. I had one when I was in High school and it lasted forever. That was my first car. It had no power steering and it was an 82' but I was so fly in it, lol.”
Tanieka’s Favorite Entertainers: “I love Jazz so I would have to say Billie Holiday, Ella Fitzgerald, and Phyllis Hyman. Then it is Kanye West, Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, Mika, Nirvana…”
Tanieka’s Favorite Websites: " www.Ice-itsocool.com, www.bruceTalbortworks.com , www.Naomicampbell.com, www.Myspace.com/tacarte, modelmayhem.com



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