Tennessee’s Jewel, Cantria Williams

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Where She’s From: Cantria Williams was born in Fayetteville, TN and raised in Tennessee and Alabama.

“I can say my dad is perfect Virgo who is 6'7 from Alabama, and my mom is a busy Capricorn from Tennessee,� she tells The Black Star News. “My dad now resides in Atlanta. And my dad's parents moved from Alabama when I was 12 to Chattanooga, TN. So I spent most of my childhood years in Huntsville, Alabama and I spent most of my teenage years in Chattanooga, TN. I learned from my mom how to be a business woman. My mom holds three masters degrees, from Fisk University, Alabama A&M, and Oakwood College in Alabama.�

While mom is a teacher and social worker, Cantria concedes that she’s a lot like her father. “He's more or a risk taker, laid back and easygoing,� she says. She’s the eldest and has a 16 years old brother and four sisters—an 18 year old, twins aged 12, and a six year old.

Where She’s At: Cantria attended Middle Tennessee State University in Murfreesboro, TN back in 2000. She then moved to California in 2003, and I didn't get into modeling until 2005. “I am pretty advanced in my career now,� she adds. “I do runway shows here in California. I model for five different clothing designers. I'm on another level with my modeling career, than where I started. When I started modeling, everyone was hitting me up; I was the new girl in the game. Now, I'm still new, but I'm advanced in what I do.�

Cantria warns that this business is only for those with stiff backbones and aspiring models should be prepared. “I work hard everyday, working out, eating right, networking, dealing with rejection,� she says. “And there are a lot of females who work just as hard as me. It’s always someone better. At times I've felt like giving up. And at times I think life would be easier for me if I was not pursuing modeling. But modeling is my passion and it’s hard to give up on something that you love so much. People will play you in this business, and you have to just smile and act like it didn't happen, which is sometimes hard. It's either you are a prey and get eaten up, or do you become a shark and attack? Because not everyone likes working with the same type people.�

There are tremendous obstacles, but there are also rewards. “There are so many challenges, I would have to write a book on how I conquered them,� Cantria says. “You just have to know who you are in this industry before you dive into it. Know what you’re getting yourself into.�

Where She’s Heading: Cantria’s hard work has paid off and she delights in recalling her mom’s disbelief when she saw her on national T.V. in a GAP Commercial. “When I did my first magazine, Black Professionals, my mom was really proud of me and she went out and purchased 20 magazines from my edition and gave it to a lot of people, showing me off,� she adds. “I thought that was so funny. Because my mom did not want me to pursue modeling or acting. My mom always wanted me to be a teacher. And now she's my number one fan.�

Cantria’s advice for younger models is to always use their brain. “Looks don't last forever. Looks can get you in the door and get you out there,� she warns. “What happens when your 40 or 50? I have nothing against surgery, but some things surgery can't help. When you’re older, you’re older.� She adds: “If you have brains, then you’re going to go a lot further. Write a book, get your own magazine, your own agency. Because a person will always be known for what they did and how they used to look. People like people for who they are in the long run.�

How does Cantria get ready to take over the town? “I recently purchased Beyonce's True Star Perfume, it has such a great scent,� she says. “As far as lotions, I would have to say Cocoa Butter, because it makes your skin feel baby soft.�

Cantria’s Word Of Wisdom: “Live everyday likes it’s your last, because tomorrow is never guaranteed.�
Cantria’s Secrets Of Success: “If you want to be well off, give people what they need. If you wanna be rich, give people what they want.�
Cantria’s Favorite All Time Three Movies: “Gridiron Gang, Alex Haley's QUEEN, and The Last Dragon.�
Cantria’s Favorite All Time Three Books: “The Alchemist, The Laws of Success, and The Art of War.�
The First Three Things Cantria Would Do As President Of USA: “End poverty, lower taxes and clear up global warming.�
At The End Of Her Career A Sentence That Describes Her Accomplishments: “I was a go getter.�

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