The Carolina’s Lovely April

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The Carolina’s Lovely April

Where She's From: Beautiful April Arrington was born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina and now lives in Columbia, SC. "The most important lesson I learned from my parents was to never count on anyone but yourself," she tells The Black Star News. "Otherwise, you will get your feelings hurt. I learned the importance of being independent and responsible."

Arrington earned her Associate Degree from Wake Technical Community College in Raleigh, in Computer Information Systems four years ago. She also completed an Associate of Arts in 2004. "I graduated with a 3.7 GPA," the beautiful model who is a huge advocate of education, adds. "I quickly realized that it just wasn’t the field I wanted to be in. The health field has always been of big interest to me."

Where She’s At: After she moved to South Carolina, Arrington began to attend the University of South Carolina and she's currently majoring in nursing. "So, right now, I currently attend school full-time and model part-time. My degree has always been first priority," she says.

In the short amount of time Arrington has been modeling, she's been fortunate to have had a lot of good opportunities and experiences. "I have done promotions, national magazine spreads, and even been on tours," she tells The Black Star. "I would love to do more things on a national level and do more mainstream things; but I am very fortunate to have come this far and I'm appreciative of everything."

Where She's Heading:
"My dream is that I can one day be a well-known model that is very successful and travels a lot," Arrington says. "I would also love to one day move into acting because it gives you more of an opportunity to show more of your talent and personality."

"When people doubt me and think that I am incapable of doing something, that’s all the more reason for me to go after it and prove everybody wrong," she adds.

Confidence also helps, and Arrington certainly carries a lot of that. "I was proud when I went to my very first model call and got offered the job on the spot--I was offered to shoot a spread in Show magazine, which is on a national level.  Not only did I have the opportunity to shoot that fresh in the business, but it was a nine-page spread. It takes some models years to get to do things such as that. I was also honored to have modeled AppleBottom with Trey Songz-Neyo Tour. It was amazing to be on stage while Trey performed; straight adrenaline rush."

"Beauty can only get you but so far," Arrington warns other aspiring young models. "Beauty can be taken away just as easily as it created. A person could be hurt, disfigured, or burned. You have to have more to bring to the table. I have learned that people sometimes look at beautiful girls as not being so bright, or being there more for decoration than for brains. You are respected a lot more when you are an intelligent person. Nobody wants to be looked at as just a hot girl or a 'fine ass.' I like to be viewed as a bad ass chic who also has class and a good head on her shoulders!"

"I am a very easy girl to please-I’m not a big beauty girl," she says, when asked how she dresses to kill. "I don’t ever wear makeup and I am not always dressed to impress. I’m more of a comfort girl, but I know how to get jiggy when it's time. I absolutely love Victoria's Secret lotion Endless Love. I only bought one foundation and that is by Mac. My favorite perfumes are all by Estee Lauder. My classics are Pleasures, Pleasures Intense, and Beyond Paradise. I also love Victoria's Secret’s Love Spell.  Honestly, for clothing and shoes, I do not have a preference. I see things I like by all different designers and brands. I use the motto, 'When I see it, I’ll know it.'"

Arrington's Words Of Wisdom:
  “'That which doesn’t break us, makes us stronger.' That quote has helped me get through many tough times."
Arrington's Secrets Of Success: "Confidence, discipline, and being out-going."
Arrington's Favorite Three Movies:  "Step Mom, with Julia Roberts; My Best Friend’s Wedding; and, Meet The Fockers. Meet the Fockers was one of the funniest movies ever to me."
Arrington's Favorite Three Books: "It’s gonna sound corny but Charlotte’s Web is my favorite. I also liked A Child Called 'It' and Anne of Green Gables."
Arrington's Favorite Cars: "I have always loved Avalanches for some reason. I also like Hummers. I just have always loved big trucks and SUV’s. And all black."
Arrington's Five Favorite Musicians/Entertainers:  "Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Mya, and TI. TI is one of the only rappers who can get me krunk."

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