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Where She’s From: Beautiful model Nikki Phillip was born in Brooklyn, New York. Her father hails from Trinidad—the  mother is U.S. born and traces Spanish and Blackfoot Indian parentage.

Nikki went to Lafayette High School then transferred to Thomas Jefferson. She went on to Oneonta Job Corps and became a certified electrician before heading to Marist College. Though she enjoyed a 4.0 average while eyeing a degree in Psychology, Nikki wasn’t happy in school. “So later on, at 18, always secretly desiring to be a model, I pursued it and have been happy ever since,” she tells The Black Star News.

Where She’s At: “Challenges I face are people that don't see past their dreams and reality that try to convince you that ultimate success is far fetched,” Nikki says. “The only way to cope is to shake it off and keep going. That way those people that didn't believe will now be inspired.”

“Beauty is skin deep; without a brain beauty won’t take you far,” Nikki cautions. “What comes out of your mouth determines how beautiful you are. That’s something surgery cant fix.”

So how does this young beauty prepare to step outside? “For clothing it’s whatever feels good, whether it be a vintage hand-me-down or a coutour ballroom gown I dress to suit my mood. I like oils that smell like candy and I prefer no makeup.”

Nikki’s Words Of Wisdom: “Be humble and you shall be exalted. Exalt yourself and you shall be humbled.”
Nikki’s Secrets Of Success: “Prayer and patience.”
Nikki’s Favorite Three Movies: “Scarface, What's Love Got To Do With It and Howard The Duck.”
Nikki’s Favorite Book: “The bible.”
Three Leaders That Have Most Inspired Nikki: “Jimmy Hendrinx, James brown, and Dorothy Dandridge.”
Nikki’s Five Favorite Websites: “Youtube, Ebay, Modelmayhem, Aol and craigslist.”

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