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Where She’s From:  Verdery Knights was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago in the West Indies, in a small village located in the rain forest region. “My family wasn't, unfortunately the most stable. My father was an alcoholic who wore a police uniform by day and a wife beater by night,” she confides.  “Despite the havoc that I called home, my parents always taught me to keep pushing and always find the good in the worst of situations.”

Verdery attended Naparima Girls High School in Trinidad, a prestigious la femme school for the rich, the famous, and the few brilliant ones who were able to make it into the school's roster. After a year, she moved to the US to live with her mother and complete her education.

“Natural talent has always been the source of my career of choice, journalism,” she adds.  “I knew from a very young age that I needed to write about things that mattered and that my writing would be the one tool that would help me carve my name in history, and help me initiate change on some level.”

Verdery started modeling as a toddler. Coming from Trinidad, she has a unique ancestry; Thai, African, Venezuelan, East Indian, and French descent.

Where She’s At: “I see me being an established author and journalist. I see my works, writing and images combined being some of the greatest works of political photo journalism ever published,” the confident young lady says, when asked about her aspirations. “I see my career bringing forth knowledge to the ignorant and light to the dark on the many issues that plight our brothers and sisters worldwide yet go unknown to us.”
“My challenges have been the side effects of being brought up in a dysfunctional family,” she says, when asked about overcoming adversity.  “I've had to ‘man up’ in a sense and take on certain responsibilities that I may have not understood at the time but knew it was necessary
for me to maintain a certain standard of living. I had to in a sense raise myself. Teach myself the things that a parent should have taught me.”
Verdery’s modeling accomplishments includes: Real Cosmetics Campaign; Spike Lee Pilot; Brooklyn Fashion Week; Barron Claiborne Fine Arts Exhibit Italy; and, Microsoft Web Campaign.

“With brain power comes respect. With beauty comes attraction and attention. If the two are combined appropriately and used for the right cause ones boundaries are limitless,” she notes.

And how does this lovely lady prepare to step outside? “Vigoss Jeans, because they fit. H&M clothing, because it offers style with a laid back and comfortable feel. Forever 21 and Mandees white Tees , because white tees are the best
accessories.  Vans,  because they're awfully comfortable. Urban Outfitter Gladiators. Ponds Facial Cream, because it remind me of my grandmother and it keeps my face smooth, clean and soft Bath & Body Works Aromatherapy Lotion because it relaxes me. Armani Code Black for Women, because it makes me feel ultra femme and sexy;  but strong and confident.”

Some of Verdery’s favorite cars are, “Mustangs;  all American Muscle, a classic simple yet stunning in appearance and impressive in performance.  Corvettes; fast, sleek and I think a female pushing one is definitely a sight.  Mercedes Benz,  CLS 550 to be exact;  sophisticated, fast, and  definitely an overall impressive car.”

Verdery’s Words Of Wisdom: “Life is about living and learning; fear not  sinning because if you fear sinning you fear living.”
Verdery’s Secrets For Success: “Work hard, be ambitious and remember that you determine your limits; no one else.”
Verdery’s Favorite Three Movies: “Fight Club, Transformers and all Marvel Movies, and Diary of a Mad
Black Woman.”
Verdery’s Favorite Three Books:  “A Small Place, Malcolm X Autobiography, Inside a Thug's Heart : Tupac shakur.”
Three Leaders That Have Most Inspired Verdery:  “Malcolm X, Joan of Arc, My High School English Teacher—Askia  Egashira.”
The First Three Things Verdery Would Do As President: “ Fight for Human Equality Nationally and Internationally on the  basis of economics, politics and social policies. Fight for Environmental Preservation and Damage Prevention Fight for a cure to forms of bio- war fare such as HIV/AIDS and
syphilis,  and fight for an end to genocide, poverty,  and hunger.”
Verdery’s Favorite Artistes: Santogold: Les Artistes;  Common: Break My Heart/ I Want You; Kanye West: I Wonder; Lupe Fiasco: Jedi Mind Tricks; and Tribe Called Quest: Bonita Applebaum.”
Verdery’s Favorite Websites:  “Myspace: a lot of creative and driven not to mention cute
individuals on there;  Model Mayhem: more creative folks in the fashion field; and, Craigslist: a lot of job opportunities.”

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