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Where She’s From: This young model, Queen Supreme, was born on the east side of Chicago to an upper middle class loving family. ‘Growing up, I was very close to my mother, grandmother and aunts. They have always instilled in me since day one to me independent and to never wait for anything to be handed to me,’ she recalls.

She attended Rich Central High School which is in Olympia Fields, Illinois. She launched her career exactly a year ago in October. ‘This means I’m spending my career anniversary with Black Star News,’ she says. ‘When I work with photographers, they can’t believe that I only have a year under my belt. I work the camera like a veteran model.’

Where She’s At: ‘I’m not tall enough for runway although I have the body and frame for it. You will see me in a couture fashion line ad very soon,’ she adds. ‘I also want to get into hosting more. I’ve hosted a lot of parties and events for companies that I’m affiliated with. But, I want to host something major, an awards show of some sort.’ 

‘When you combine both beauty and brain you reach a certain level of respect in this world,’ Supreme continues. ‘Kimora Lee Simons is a prime example. She combined both and now she’s a modern day female mogul. In this industry, the entertainment industry, it’s still male dominated. You have to use your brain power in order to demand that respect you deserve.’

Adds Supreme: ‘My whole team is all female, from my manager, Heaven, to my makeup artist, Kerre, down to my hairstylist, Tia. That’s a strong team of women that’s using beauty and brainpower.’

‘After I get out the tub and before every shoot, I must have my Ker lotion with Shea Butter,’ says Supreme, when asked about how she gets ready to impress. ‘My makeup is all by Mac. Now for my favorite perfume, I don’t want all the men running out buying this so their significant other can smell like the Queen. But, I wear Guess, and the fragrance is G-Gold. Lastly, for shoes, there are too many designers to name. I have a shoe fetish. I think I have more heels than everything else combined.’

 Queen’s Words Of Wisdom: “Never say what you can’t do because the man upstairs would never put something in front of you that you can’t do.”

Queen’s Secrets Of Success: ‘I can sum my secret to success up in one word; hustle.’

Queen’s  Favorite All Time Three Movies: ‘Clueless, Pretty Women and Bad Boys.’

Queen’s Favorite All Time Two Books: ‘Fabulosity by Kimora Lee Simmons, That Extra Half an Inch: Hair and Heels and Everything in Between, by Victoria Beckham. They are both must haves.’

Three Leaders That Most Inspire Supreme: ‘Michelle Obama inspires me because she’s just as strong as Barack. She’s from right here on the south side of Chicago so her life really hits home and she’s also one of Barack’s personal advisors. Kimora Lee Simmons of course. She started out as a model just like me and look at what’s she grown too. And last but not least, I can’t mention people that inspire me without me mentioning my mother. Without her, there would not be a Queen Supreme.’

The First Things Queen Would Do As President: ‘I would lower gas prices, and create more jobs by getting rid of all the out sourcing the major conglomerates use overseas. All of this ties into bringing our company out of this recession that we are in. People as a whole are all hurting; the rich and the poor are all being affected in some way by this recession.’

Queen’s Five Favorite Entertainers: ‘Smokie: Flickin’; Willie The Kid: Love For Money; Young Jeezy: Everything; Plies: Please Excuse My Hands; and, T.I.: Swagger Like Us.’

Queen’s Five Favorite Websites: ‘Model Mayhem;;;; and,’

For more on Queen Supreme, contact Diamonds & The Ruff Ent.

Teamwork makes the Dreamwork 

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Queen Supreme
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