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Where She’s From:

Sasha Shantel Bennett, 22 years old, has always lived in London, United Kingdom.

“I live at home with my beautiful mother who raised me on her own and although she was a single mother she always, from a young age instilled in me a strong sense of self and ambition,” she tells The Black Star News.


“With my mothers help and guidance I have become extremely focused on my goals which is to become a successful model and actress and personal trainer. My mother has always believed in hard work and I am a confident black woman who is 100 percent committed to achieving my goals.”

Bennett attended Warwick Park Secondary school then completed a media and photography course. She then studied acting, singing and dancing and is now in her final year in University completing a BA with Honors in Drama and English.

Where She’s At:

Bennett got into acting accidentally after a six-year stint as gossip and features writer for her local magazine. “For one of our fashion spreads I was asked to model on the front page,” she recalls. “It was an amazing experience and I caught the modeling bug soon after. After this I participated in two fashion shows, a lingerie shoot.”

Bennett’s been involved in numerous fashion shows, contests and magazine spreads. She placed third for the “face of” Touch magazine and fifth out of 24 contestants in the Top Model Of Color contest. Her acting debut will soon be seen on Cable channels in the U.K and she’s landed her first cover, on Fabulous and Undiscovered magazine.

“On top of university at one point I had three jobs and there were too many times when I felt like giving up,” she says, when asked how she’s dealt with challenges. “I had to remind myself who and what I’m doing it for; I’m doing it for me and my future.”

“You get treated better when you have a combination of good looks and intelligence. The key is in how you carry yourself. Presentation is vital,” Bennett notes.

So how does this young beauty prepare to step out?

“In the UK there is a High Street store called Primark; the clothes are affordable and stylish,” she says. “I also love H&M and Topshop. There is also another brilliant shop called Stush which I absolutely love. I love the challenge of buying bargains; markets are also my favorite place to be. The same goes for beauty products I use. I swear by a foundation called Black Opal. It makes my skin look flawless. My favorite perfume is the classic Chanel no5. I wash my face with Tea Tree that I swear by as I used to have problematic skin but now its much better now. For shoes, it goes the same as clothes though when my bank balance gets a bit healthier I may consider getting a pair of Jimmy Choos.”

Bennett’s Words Of Wisdom:

“Dance as though no one is watching you; love as though you have never been hurt; sing as though no one can hear you; and, live as though heaven is on earth.”
Bennett’s Secrets Of success: “Believing in myself and knowing that if things go wrong that I can learn from it-you should never be your own worst enemy.”
Bennett’s Favorite Movies: “Glory; Stomp The Yard; The Lord of the Rings Trilogy.”
Bennett’s Favorite Books: “Don’t have a favorite to be honest- I love so many books just too many to note.
Leaders That Have Most Inspired Bennett: “Martin Luther King; God, He’s the divine leader.”
Bennett’s Favorite Five Musicians: “Aaliyah; Sean Paul; Ne-yo; Usher; and Brandy.”
Favorite Websites: “Myspace, Google, Yahoo, Hotmail, Facebook, Amazon.”



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