Tiffany: Pride Of Florida

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Where She’s From:
Tiffany Sloan, whose Zodiac sign is Scorpio, was in 1982 in Boynton Beach, Fl. “My mother left me with my father’s mother around the age of two because her family didn't approve of my race and my father was into the streets and drugs and wanted nothing to do with me so his parents raised me in Delray Beach, Florida,� she tells The Black Star News.

“My grandparents where foster parents. I grew up in a household of 10 kids, two to-a-bed and she also had a in-house day care. I can’t say I every wanted for anything as a child besides for my mother.�

Tiffany experienced a growing pain many are familiar with in this country. “My sister and brothers hated me because of my skin color and it took a while for my grandmother to show me any love because I was the baby and the others came first to her so I found myself proving my love to her my whole life,� Tiffany explains. “Now that I am older, I teach my kids that with out each other they will never make it in life. To me family is the most important part of my life.� 

Tiffany went to school in West Palm Beach, Fl. “I dropped out a year after my daughter was born so I could work and take care of her. My family wasn't there for me like they should have been—they gave up on me.  I went back to take the GED test to get a job and that is when I began to live real life,� Tiffany says. “My career launched about three years ago after I had my son. I think the first year, I spent teaching myself how to love myself, and after that I found myself teaching others why they should believe in me.�

Where She’s At:
“I see myself in every magazine you open up, from People to Vogue. My aspirations are to become one of the strongest living woman icons there is in history,� Tiffany says.  “One of my biggest challenges is being the woman of my household. I have two kids that are seven and four. About three years ago, my grandfather got sick and I took his place in a household of four. It’s very hard being a mother to six people and like always a single family household always lacks. But I look at the better side—at least we have each other.�

Tiffany has already scored several successes. “I have worked with the 34 Way Foundation, Travis Taylor Foundation and many more that give back to the kids in the community and that is a great feeling,� she says. “The kids are so happy to be around the NFL players and listen to them talk.  I am grateful to be apart of it.� She’s also worked with Genesis Marketing and Promotions, hosting events for NFL players and clubs for the last two years.

“I think that beauty is a given gift from birth and that the brain is a part of our mind that grows as we grow—the power part is when we learn how to take control of  what we want and understanding the right way of getting what we want. It’s always good to have a smile on your face when you sell a product and that product is myself.�

So how does Tiffany prepare to step out? “For clothes-Dkny, Guess, Oxox, BCX. For shoes—Coach, Nine West, Steve Madden, BCBG.  Face wash-Neutrogena; make up-Clinique, and Mac eye shadow. Lotions-Clinique, Eucerin, and Aveeno. Perfume-Donna Karen Cashmere mist and Calvin Klein Euphoria.�

Tiffany’s Words Of  Wisdom:
“I am always asked by younger people how they can get involved with modeling or in the entertainment world. My response to them is—believe  not just in yourself but in God. He will always make a path for you to that door and he’ll open that door once he sees how bad you want it.�

Tiffany’s Secrets Of Success: “I must say that my secret to success is my smile. No matter what happens, I keep a smile on my face. I try to never let anyone see me frown and I am always asked how I do it.�

Tiffany’s Favorite Movie: “I cried when I saw Daddys Little Girls.�
Tiffany’s Favorite Books: “I love reading kid’s books with my kids.�

Leaders That Have Inspired Tiffany:  “Rev. Jess Jackson, Dr. Martin Luther King, Marcus Garvey.�

The First three Things Tiffany Would Do As President: “I would pass a Bill to stop all FCAT testing in our schools; open up 24-hour Day Care centers for low-income parents, and provide affordable health insurance regardless of household income.�

Tiffany’s Favorite Cars: “I love to feel like I am in charge so I would have to say the car of my dreams is a BMW 725. I fell in love with this car the first time I saw it. I love to drive F350 or a F450 truck.�

Tiffany’s Five Favorite Musicians/Entertainers: “Floetry—sunshine; Anthony Hamilton.  I am in love with this man. I love every word that comes out of his mouth. Musiq Soulchild—teach me; Mary Mary—thankful; Mary J Blige—Father in you.�

A Short Tiffany story: “On April first me and a good friend of mine played a joke on someone I work with. We called his cell phone and he didn't answer. He later called back. My friend said to the guy I work with, ‘This is Sprint. I wanted to go over your bill with you and see if we can get it paid.’ The guy I work with said ‘Okay.’ So my friend said ‘You have made a lot of 1-800 phone calls to porn and your bill is now $400. Would you like to pay that today?’ The guy I work with said ‘The only numbers I dial 1-800 for is my bank.’ My friend said ‘Those women can make you feel like a loan officer, but they’re not the bank.’ The guy I work with thought and then said ‘Let me see. I am trying to think who I called.’ My friend said ‘How would you like to pay your bill today sir?’ The guy I work with said ‘You sure I called them that many time?’ I then said ‘Got you!’�

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