Toronto's Lovely Jude

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(Jude’s journey to the top has only just begun).

Where She’s From: Toronto, Ontario's Jude, says “I've learned to always try my best at whatever I do and never give up, from my parents.�

After attending Durham College, the 21-year old beauty enrolled at the University of Ontario, where she currently studies. Jude launched her career in April, 2005. “My career as a model has been blowing up more and more,� she tells The Black Star News; and one look at her, explains why. “At first it was slow but it is now picking up. I see myself doing more fashion shows and print work. I want to be known to the world and set a positive image for all other upcoming models.�

Where She’s At: Jude’s portfolio includes Paparazzi Fashion Show-Runway Model, Spectrum Talent Extravaganza–Runway Model; Music Video: Ro Dolla ~ Cosmo- Dancer; Television Shows: Naturally Sadie (Disney)-Designer #4; and The 5th Estate (CBC Series)-Nurse. She’s also featured in print work such as Toronto Sunshine Girl-Model; Lets Do This-CD Cover model; Caribbean Friday’s Halloween Style-Flyer Cover Model; and Da Jump OFF~IslandView-Flyer Cover Model.

Where She’s Heading: “Having brainpower helps you get further in life,� Jude explains, to all aspirants. “You should be street smart and book smart. We all know the saying, ‘education is the key.’ Having beauty and brains is a double bonus.� With her academic pursuits, this beautiful young lady is practicing what she preaches. Who can doubt that she’s realize her goals in the fashion industry.

“Whenever people have negative things to say about me, I don't let it get to me because they just want someone to talk about, just for the sake of talking,� she adds. “It's their way of showing me that they are jealous. Certain people don’t like seeing other people getting far.� Others can learn from this determined lady. “I’m proud of myself for getting this far—this is just the beginning,� she says.

Jude’s Words Of Wisdom:
“Never give up—you can be whatever you want to be, because anything is possible.�
Jude’s Secrets Of Success: “Follow my words of wisdom.�
Jude’s Favorite All Time three movies: Love and Basketball, Menace to Society and Independence Day.
Jude’s Favorite All Time three books: Cheaters (Eric Jerome Dickey), Liar's Game (Eric Jerome Dickey), and Sex Chronicles (Zane).
The First Three things Jude Would Do As U.S. President:  Donate money to underprivileged countries; lower taxes and get healthcare coverage for all, and; work on finding cures for diseases.

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