Using Your Layers Well

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[The Fashion Review]

So here’s the thing. That darn groundhog saw his shadow, which means we have another couple of weeks of winter left.

Don’t cry out loud instead plan your wardrobe accordingly with a big emphasis on layers. But in the current state of the economy, you don’t want to buy a few more weeks worth of clothing for the winter. Instead, buy essentials that you can dress up and redefine, by layering.

When shopping of layers, your wallets will relax – the best thing about layers is that they can be cheaper. By no means am I saying that it is time to shop at the corner stores for your layers, but the best thing about layers is that sizes can be manipulated.

If a sweater doesn’t flatter but instead highlights, it might go well with a layering scarve – one that you can wear with or without a jacket or coat. The jacket is also a good alternative to the coat, especially were fashion layering is concerned.

I am not one for freezing in the name of fashion, but if layered correctly, a coat may not be needed, especially in light of a well put together layered look with a light jacket. Using different fashion accessories make for the best layers – my absolute favorite is the scarf.

The scarf is indeed fashion’s most underestimated fashion layering piece. So here is an example of a perfect layered look: Let’s assume that we find ourselves in 38 degrees of cool winds and weather. In this case, you might wear a darker washed jean with a plain blouse layered with a v-neck sweater – preferably cashmere and the ideal scarf to drape around one’s neck while still showing a bit of the blouse.

Denim carries heat and darker denim holds more heat – wearing a jacket will be a perfect alternative to a coat, because it is lighter and adds an additional piece of fashion that can be removed with ease.

Not bad huh?

Knowing when enough is enough is the only thing that can get a little sticky. The art of draping is not something that should be looked at as a challenge. When layering, knowing how to drape is key, because you never want to leave your home wearing your entire season’s wardrobe in one day.

In draping, keeping your size in mind is always best. Knowing how small or large you are, determines how many layers you will wear. So here is your cheat sheet for draping 101. If you are big – drape a little, if you are small – drape a lot.

Layers are going to make you look bigger. Whether or not they are in the right places – is up to you and your draping technique. If you have that petit frame that highlights your curves, layers in different places make all the difference.

But then one common thread is that everyone can layer and look good. With the current state of the economy, layering is a cheaper alternative to buying new clothes for the winter, especially since we know we are in for another few weeks of winter.

Thanks a lot Mr. Groundhog.

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