Virginia’s Lovely Dominique

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Where She’s From: Dominique Daigle, a Scorpio, a.k.a. HoneyBunn, was born in Norfolk, Va., but was raised in Los Angeles, Ca. “The most important thing I learned from my parents was to stand up for what I believed in and treat everyone with respect,� the lovely young model tells The Black Star News.

Dominique attended Hamilton and Westchester High School before going to college—she launched her career last year in October. “I’m now in paying my dues phase,� she says. “My ambition is to become a well-known model and actress. My challenges are juggling modeling and school and a fulltime job.� Somehow, the young lady finds the energy to do them all. “My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ helps me through it all,� she adds.

Where She’s At: Dominique’s accomplishments include being on the summer bunny’s calendar and Eyecandy Modeling. “In this business you need both brainpower and beauty to succeed,� she says. “As my Granny used to say, you have to know when to roll them and when to hold them.�

When Dominque is ready to step out how does she prepare? “I love MAC lip gloss. I’m not really a make a make up girl but I love MAC lip gloss and Paris Hilton Perfume. I wear that a lot and as far as clothes I like Bebe, Victoria’s Secret, Fredericks Of Hollywood and for shoes heels, heels, heels Jimmy Choo, Steve Maden, Monolo Blinik and for tennis shoes real simple Ed Hardy’s are all white shell toes—Addidas.�

Dominique’s Words Of Wisdom: “Everything that glitters ain’t gold.�
Dominique’s Secrets Of Success: “Always try and never give up—my mom always says ‘you will get a lot of nos before you get a yes.’�
Dominique’s Favorite All Time Three Movies: “Any Disney Movie—I love Disney, School Daze, Dreamgirls.�
Dominique’s Favorite All Time Three Books: “The Bible, Coldest Winter Ever, and 48 Laws Of Power.�
First Things Dominique’s Would Do As President: “Lower all gas prices and bring our troops back home.�
Dominique’s Favorite Cars And Why: “My favorite car is the Bentley coupe—it is so classy and fast. I will own it one day.�

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