Wisconsin’s Alexa Demara, Rising

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(Wisconsin's Alexa--rising)

Where She’s From: Rising Wisconsin star 

Alexa Demara 
is still in college where she hopes her marketing degree will one day
help her guide her destiny in the business. “I grew up in the middle of
nowhere in Wisconsin with my parents,” she tells The Black Star News.
“They taught me to be different and not care what people think. I
learned to be true to myself. I also learned things not to do from
other people's mistakes.”

Alexa has been modeling in Wisconsin,
where she attends college, for two years now. “I've accomplished a few
things,” she notes, “but I've had to turn down a lot of offers due to
where I am located and my time constraints.”
In her spare time, she
likes shopping, hanging out with friends, traveling, and meeting new
people. “I am a very driven, independent, fun, and creative person,”
she adds. “I have a daring personality, with a good sense of humor.”

Where She’s Heading: Once equipped with her degree,
Alexa wants to run her own business and get more into acting. Even with
her busy academic calendar, she’s already been in national magazines
and developed a large fan base.
“Within reason, anything is
possible,” Alexa says. “There are always people who try to stand in
your way and don't believe in you until you do what you set out to
do.”  Alexa loves MAC and Estee Lauder makeup. “As for clothing, I
have a different style everyday—I like perfumes lotion by Victoria’s

At the end of the day when she looks back at life one day, a sentence
describes Alexa’s accomplishments: “I've accomplished a lot I never
thought I would be able to accomplish, but the best is yet to come.”

Alexa’s Words Of Wisdom: "We may encounter defeat
but must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter
defeat so we can know who we are, what we can overcome, what makes us
stumble and fall, and somehow miraculously rise and go on." 
Alexa’s Secrets Of Success: “You have to combine talent with perseverance. 
Alexa’s Favorite All Time Three Movies: “Dumb and Dumber, Old School, Animal House.” 
Alexa’s Favorite All Time Three Books/Topics: “Something Upstairs, Astrology Books, any horror or ghost stories based on real life.”

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