A Kiss and a Slap

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The Kiss - The weekend of Dr. Martin L. King, Jr's Birthday Holiday Weekend proves to be a winning movie going event that supports Black movies. "Stomp the Yard*" reached the coveted #1 Movie in America status, earning over $22 million, averaging around $11,000 per screening in 2051 theaters. Previous #1 movies for King's weekend include "Glory Road" and "Coach Carter".

I am so proud of the young American audience for supporting a film without a White Savior as in "Blood Diamond" and "Freedom Writers", plus for not falling for the promotion of Black hatred in the movie "Primeval" to which on msn.com's caption read "I HATE AFRICA" on their cover page that was aimed at having another Black actor say how much he hates and dishonors his origins.

I saw "Stomp the Yard" on Saturday night in a San Fernando Valley theater with a primarily non-Black audience, and when Black love was shown, the audience actually applauded to my surprise. You see, the trick bag has been to promote Black men loving, honoring, and cherishing any other race of woman other than a Black women, and these self-serving Hollywood executives apparently thought it would be a new money making trend to devalue the presence of Black on Black love, but this was not the case among these youths and apparently the rest of America.

"Stomp the Yard" has a formula that parallels with the "Karate Kid", except this movie features an ALL BLACK cast. Although christiancinema.com didn't approve it as a family film due to a few (unnecessary) "N" word bombs and a couple of other low level curse words, I do find it suspicious that a movie with such a powerful message stills scares some White older people.

A controversy did surround the distribution of "Stomp the Yard" in Springfield Illinois to about 40 theaters. Racially speaking, the theater owner felt it would start a gang riot that signals a bit of paranoia on the part of the Kerasotes theater chain. Judging by the powerful positive message, his fear is ill-fated due to this movie's very anti-gang violence, pro-family, focused on education, honoring of Black history, positive participation of college social life, and Black on Black love. I guess this owner has bought the media hype that if a movie is ALL BLACK it must incite violence. My only complaint of this PG-13 film is I wanted to see little more of singing sensation Chris Brown and Ne-Yo, whom I really do admire as young R&B artists.

I commend the director, Sylvain White, a Black man who stood his ground and ensured that this was a movie that reflected a positive portrayal of Black families with honorable character traits. This is a must-see for any teenager, especially Black males.

The Slap - This week, "Dreamgirls" expanded to a mere 1,907 theaters from a measly 3 theater opening five weeks ago, then scooted to only 852 theaters. To date, this star studded musical has only earn a mere $58 million to which surely if Paramount would have released it to the full American audience of 3,700 theaters it could have easily earned more than $100 million judging by its smashing per screening average of $15,000, which doubles what a lot of the biggest blockbusters have attained. Taking all this into consideration, I maintain that all money ain't good money according to the executive that decided to slow it's distribution to the world. The above mentioned results cements the fact that Hollywood has done more damage to the Black female image than it has done to enhance it.

Now for the A$$-kicking that I just love. Cedric's racist movie performed so badly that the theaters in which it was due to show went dark because ticket sales didn't even pay for the electricity to show it; furthermore, Charlotte's Web (also featuring the voice of Cedric the sell-out) was also dark due to low ticket sales. Yea Ced, I guess Dr. King is sending down the message that perhaps it's you that is the "ho".

I'm also happy to announce that rap crap sales was down another 21 percent in 2006.

These new revelations will force Hollywood into listening to the voices of the people because NOT to listen will cost them millions. We are no longer accepting force-fed filth into our mindsets. We are the only us that we have.

Be proud of yourselves for spreading the word all over the Internet so to dispense much needed information that serves BLACKS' BEST INTEREST.

We are in no way winning yet. Halting the promotion of negative Black images via the media is a long- standing goal that serves only part of the solution. The minute we start loosening up on protecting our image that's the same moment when they'll start it up again.

I say, be just like the Jews; call ANTI- SEMETISM or RACISM on any little thing that offends us in the least bit. Jews don't accept any form of disrespect, we shouldn't either.

We must also learn how to fix the degradation of our families and our relationships. Please order a copy of my book, Black Women Need Love, Too! On amazon.com. This manual is great to read with a group, and fun to refer to when we discuss relationships; and we all know that is quite often.

I have some shocking and telling footage of Jay-Z and a new relationship discussion streaming on my website:


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Congratulations and good luck to the entire cast of "Dreamgirls" for their nominations and wins. I hope the accolades they didn't receive at the box office will be balanced with the winning of several awards for their incredible performances.

Under these disastrous circumstances suffered by the Black community, God eventually had to show up to help stop the degradation of the Black race.

Together we can change the world.

*Portion of the proceeds donated to a Martin L. King, Jr. Foundation

Black Women Need Love, Too!

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