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[The WAY BACK\Charles Lott Jr.]
The film centers on an ex-basketball star’s struggle with his past alcoholism as he coaches his alma mater’s basketball team.
Photo: YouTube

Starring alongside Ben Affleck, Charles Lott Jr., above, will appear in the upcoming film THE WAY BACK set to release this week on March 6, 2020.

The film centers on an ex-basketball star’s struggle with his past alcoholism as he coaches his alma mater’s basketball team.

THE WAY BACK allowed Lott to gain wisdom from his experience on set and his relationship with Affleck. Charles can be seen in the film’s official trailer here. Although Lott has already achieved landing a starring role in a feature film, he still has plenty of goals he wants to reach as his career progresses.

There are so many things that I want to accomplish, but I just try to take it one step at a time,” Lott said. “I want to be able to show versatility in films, I want to be able to do comedies, drama, romcoms, even animation. I want to be able to just do everything. I want to be a Swiss army knife in terms of in the industry, being the Jack of all trades.

Lott is surely on the road to achieving these goals, as he dedicates his free time to further his study of film and acting.

“When I’m not acting, I spend a lot of time at the movie theaters, I go to the movies a lot," said Lott. "I’m a weirdo like I’ll tell people I went to the movies and they’ll be like, ‘Who did you go with?’ Like what? Me!”

As someone new to the entertainment industry Lott takes every opportunity to learn from his fellow actors. In addition to forging a relationship with Affleck, he became incredibly close with his on-screen teammates; especially after their rigorous practice schedule when preparing for their roles as basketball players.

Charles Lott Jr. did not expect to follow the path of an actor but that is what the universe had in store for him. He plays football and has always dreamt of being a professional athlete. If that didn’t work out he had his backup plan to be a business owner. However, Lott was meant for something different.

“I’ve always had comparisons throughout my career that I will be the next Will Smith from casting directors and other people," said Lott. "So it was definitely something I had in the back of my mind and I always loved movies and cinematography.”


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