Blaxploitalian: 100 Years of Blackness in Italian Cinema

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Next Wednesday (10/8) please join us for a sneak preview presentation of Blaxploitalian: 100 Years of Blackness in Italian Cinema.

Presenting a virtually unknown history that begins with silent films through the Italian neorealism movement, sword-and-sandal films of the 1970's and cop/action movies to contemporary films, this work-in-progress will show interviews with and highlight the achievements of classic Afro-Italian actors like Ines Pelligrini ("Arabian Knights" - 1974) and Iris Peynado ("Warriors of the Wasteland"), as well as African-Americans who lived and sustained acting careers in Italy such as Fred Williamson ("The Inglorious Bastards"), Calvin Lockhart ("The African Deal") and "Dr. No" co-star John Kitzmiller (Fellini's "Variety Lights), among many others.

The film also serves as a call-to-action for inclusion of Afro-Italians in bigger and more diverse roles in modern Italian and European films, instead of being relegated to stereotypical and background roles.

The night begins with a 15-min work-in-progress clip from our film followed by a discussion with BlaxploItalian director Fred Kuwornu (Italian-Ghanian), Dami Akinnusi (British-Nigerian), and myself Curtis Caesar John ('BlaxploItalian' associate producer) on filmmaking from a Black European perspective and Afro-Italian film history. The event is free but this is also a fundraiser for our current crowdfunding campaign for the film.

Wednesday, October 8th at 6.30 pm

Maysles Cinema, 343 Lenox Avenue (Harlem)

(2, 3, A, B, C, D trains to requisite 125th Street train stops)

Free Admission. We look forward to seeing you.

If you cannot attend, please feel free to either donate to the film via Indiegogo recommend us to a friend, and to any like-minded individual in the press and media

For more info about the film please go to

Contact: Curtis John at

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