Boycott “A Mighty Heart�

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If race doesn't matter why not just have Daniel Pearl played by Denzel Washington and team him up with the bi-racial actress Halle Berry, or better yet, since it doesn't matter, make a movie about Queen Elizabeth played by Angela Bassett

Media Assault On Black Women

Comment: On Media Images

The attack on Black women is an all out assault on the worth and reputation of Black women worldwide; it affects our daughters, our mothers, our nieces, our aunties, our female friends, and us.

Listen to my review of The Last King of Scotland (; I tell you, America and Hollywood doesn't want to represent Black women being loved, honored, or cherished by anyone including Black men. 

All over the media are images of Black males respecting, protecting (“Black Snake Moan�), loving, marrying (Tony Parker and Eva Longoria, Tiger Woods and his nanny Swedish citizen White wife), honoring and cherishing any other race of women except Black women.

Now, Angelina Jolie is playing a real-life Black woman in the movie, “A Mighty Heart.� It is the true story of slain journalist Daniel Pearl and his widow, Mariane Pearl. Pearl, by all accounts would be the epitome of the "Good Jewish Boy" stereotype. His tragic and unfortunate death at the hands of terrorists was heartfelt all over the world and his Black wife made absolutely sure that her husband's life was not a life viciously cut short just to be soon forgotten.

Mariane Pearl is a bi-racial woman, to which according to history would have forced her to identify herself as Black and made to sleep in the slave quarters with all the rest of the so believed worthless, life lived just for the benefit of Whites, be transformed into the likeness of a non-Black woman. Now due to the rise of Blacks of prominence, the "it doesn't matter" syndrome is the most sought after notion. 

The same trick as Elizabeth Taylor playing Cleopatra, who was a Black woman, and an intricate and valuable part of a tragic story of love and loss; yet to tell her story, her Blackness must be overshadowed and downplayed, even worse, downright eliminated.

This is blatant, reckless, bold, in-your-face, racism. White people who do this must think we are stupid and easily duped with absolutely no power or pride in our Blackness that we'll just accept a White woman playing this role of an extraordinary Black woman who was loved by her all-so-valuable White husband. No way could Mariane Pearl be portrayed as a Black woman in "A Mighty Heart" ; after all, aren't all Black women bi-atches and hos, as Snoop Doggy Dog told the world?

Or is it that Hollywood thought White women will get jealous at seeing a Black woman with one of their prized possessions-a good valuable White man? So the producers, one of them Brad Pitt, decided to make her as White as possible. I imagine their thought process: White women have the power to hurt Hollywood and if White women aren't portrayed as the best, most beautiful, most loveable, most admired, most sought-after, most highest of highs at all times there will be a price to pay.  I can hear it now, "Yeah Yeah, we better make her White or the movie won't make money."  

I guess since Black people financed their own demise by giving money to rap crap artists for calling them insulting names and holding on to the N-word like some prized possession, Black folks will just keep falling for anything. Do these White people think we like being insulted; could that possibly be true? After all, we'll buy tickets to concerts and purchase CD's that call us the worse names in the English language.

Oh, let me not forget that Joran Van Der Sloot, the man who was accused of killing Natalie Holloway in Aruba, was played by a Black actor in the movie that aired in the Netherlands, even though Joran Van Der Sloot is a White male murder suspect. That too, is right in line with all the preliminary arrests in the case to which three Black men were arrested and released in the first few months of the investigation.

Why are Blacks taking this? Have we, as Black people, become so passive, powerless, and naïve that we allow White supremacy and Black inferiority to loom and continue to spread all over the world?  Don't we have any sense of value for ourselves?   

Hollywood should have discussed the disapproval of the Black community and concluded that, "No, the Black community will be in an uproar if a White woman plays the role of a Black woman-didn't we make the rules on the definition of race." I know someone thought of it, but "they" want to continue to attack and hide the value of Black women, and that my friend, is in their best interest and obviously a risk worth taking. 

Black women are huge consumers and so are Black men, so when you are losing money hand over fist, then just know that you are biting off a hand that feeds you. Black women are 10 million strong and we just aren't taking the disrespect and devaluing any longer.

It is becoming clearer that to have a White man love, honor, and cherish a Black woman is a definitely no-no in Hollywood. Hell the proverbial "they" don't even want a Black man, especially one with a few dollars to love, honor and cherish a Black woman in the media.

If race doesn't matter why not just have Daniel Pearl played by Denzel Washington and team him up with the bi-racial actress Halle Berry, or better yet, since it doesn't matter, make a movie about Queen Elizabeth played by Angela Bassett, or make a movie about Laura Bush played by Kerry Washington. 

What a great idea, take valuable accomplished White women and have Black actresses play them, because then you'll truly be participating in creating an equal society based on race. But no way would you do that because Black always must be the lesser and it's just not in the Best Interest of a White controlled society to level the playing field.

A few comments on Oprah: I've been writing and calling about the lack of Black couples in her O magazine for years and I bet all those White women she has working for her are keeping her in the dark about only having 16 images of Black couples in a full year of issues of O Magazine; this represents nearly 2,800 pages—99.5 percent of the pages have no Black couples.

Ladies of the Black Woman's Movement call Oprah on it at 1-866-OPRAHXM and leave her a message about the absolute lack and in some issues the complete omission of Black couples in her O magazine.  Ladies, some issues had zero Black couples in them. In this latest edition, June 2007, there were more photos of Black men with White women than there are Black women with Black men or White men with Black women. 

As a matter of fact, the only photos of Black couples were the advertisements for Tyler Perry's House of Payne TV Show (what kind of negative title is that? I guess it follows the same promotion of negativity as "Everybody Hates Chris", "Why Did I Get Married" and "I Think I Love My Wife"). 

Isn't it apparent that Black women need a break sometimes? Most Black women have to live struggling lives unappreciated while being called nappy headed hos and then told to shut up about it more than any other group of women. Even worst than that, it is becoming more and more apparent that Black women are born to be hurt and devalued, even the bi-racial ones.

It's a cold cruel world for Black women and I'm aiming to change that.  This is our life and our children's lives; we must protect them and do whatever we can so to stop the attack on Black women.
Please support my efforts in uplifting all Black women. Order your copy of "Black Women Need Love, Too!"  Get your T-shirt too and wear it proudly because no one is going to change our situation but Black women. The book is available via Remember to vote with your dollars and boycott the movie, "A Mighty Heart" because Black actresses need to work too! Also see

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