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(Julianne Moore).

BSN: What is it like working with your husband [Bart Freundlich] again and again? And then running a large household?
Julianne Moore: That’s the hardest part. He’s a great director. He knew how to speak to everybody the way that they liked to be spoken too. Everybody likes to be directed in a different way. He was able to instinctively figure it out. A lot of people can’t do that. The hardest part is having to get two kids that have to be to school everyday.

BSN: What was it like working on this kind of comedy together?
Julianne Moore: It was great. It was really fun for me. Bart is very funny. All of his friends have encouraged him for a long time to do a comedy.

BSN: Do you use the same excuses as your character (I have a headache)?
Julianne Moore: Come on! LOL that happens to everybody. Every relationship. Every… I have a retainer. I have girlfriends that say, ‘you really put it in … in bed’? I’m like no. I wait for the lights to go out and then I put them in.

BSN: Do you feel more comfortable with your husband after you’ve been together for so long?
Julianne Moore: I think everybody does. We’ve been together for 10 years. In any relationship that is authentic there is a degree of you knowing each other. You are each others family. This movie is very romantic and it tells the most valuable thing to them is their relationship.

BSN: How do you keep the romance alive after 10 years?
Julianne Moore: I don’t’ know. I think we’re lucky. When you think of Hollywood relationships you always think uh oh, it’s gonna go bad. And then when it doesn’t your happy about it. I don’t think either one of us take it for granted. We certainly don’t take our children for granted. But it’s so valuable.

BSN: When you saw the script, did realize how close to home this was and draw a line somewhere?
Julianne Moore: No. I liked it.

BSN: How was it working with David Duchovny?
Julianne Moore: I love David. I think he’s wonderful to work with. We have a nice energy together. He’s very smart. And we’re friends. We’ve been friends for along time.

BSN: How much of yourself did you put into the movie that was not in the script?
Julianne Moore: I don’t know. They kind of come together at the same time. The script is there but then the script kind of goes through you so it’s always your interpretation in a way. The retainer was my idea. But he had her going to bed with face cream. And I was like; no one really goes to bed with that stuff on your face.  And when you think of one thing that truly disgusts you—the retainer was it.

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