Review: Failure to Launch

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How long is too long to stay at home with your parents? And an even bigger question: What length will a parent go through to get them out? Well, ‘Failure to Launch’ sums it up completely as Paula (Sarah Jessica Parker) and Tripp (Matthew McConaughey) embark on a beautiful ‘paid relationship’.

Bachelor Tripp has everything going for him: a nice home, clean sheets and a mom who makes him pancakes, vacuums, irons and pretty much answers at his beck and call. On occasion Tripp does like to bring home the ladies but the ladies are sadly greeted by dad Al who definitely wants them to quiet down that love making noise.

Loving parents, Al (Terry Bradshaw) and Sue (Kathy Bates) discover at a friendly neighborhood barbecue that life without children in the home is great. And after minor coaxing they are introduced to Paula. She gets the guys to turn their affections towards her and they leave the nest.

But what the film leaves out is the logic in that fact. How do you begin a relationship with someone and they move out and have no ties with you? In between that minor flaw, the film is hilarious. Poor Tripp’; who’s used to having it all, starts to dwindle and fights the inevitable: love. While Paula, who has invested so much time into getting Tripp out, discovers she is falling in love with Tripp. Not sure if that’s before or after she sleeps with him…

Sassy ‘Sex in the City’ Sarah still carries that wonderful and bright smile in Paula. As Kathy Bates turns the tables round from serious dramatic roles and kills the audiences with her ‘mom’ like wit. Matthew proves he is still the worlds ‘sexiest’ man. And Terry Bradshaw falls right in line with the dad who just sits there with his mouth wide open wondering how’d he get away with that?

Failure to Launch does address lots of situations about kids who are now adults and never leave home. To adults who return with children, husbands/wives and even dogs. While the film is filled with laughter and sarcastic comedy; there is a storyline of loved lost, humanity and friendship. It’s very unexpected and sneaks up on you.
If you’re looking for comedy; this is it. If you’re looking for tips to get your kids out; this is it too.

Copyright 2006 Tonisha Johnson

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