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 The music industry is in desperate need of a new sound and here to fill that void is new super-group, 4EVER YOUNG “THE FUTURE”, comprised of three multi-talented young men from the DMV… Tre Anthony,  Kenny Iko and Demetrius “MeechieSoCrazy”. 

They all grew up in the Washington D.C./Maryland area and performed individually within the same circuits.  Two years ago their unique talents were meshed together via the genius of Russell Webster, CEO of  4Ever Young Music Group.  “We clicked instantly! ”, says Meechie SoCrazy.  “We have a brotherhood now, an unbreakable bond.”  Each member of the group sings, dances and composes music, a true rarity in today’s industry.  “There are no weaknesses in this trio.  Everyone is great at everything.”, says Kenny Iko.  "We are a total package.", says Tre Anthony, who lists his musical influences as Usher and Chris Brown.  Kenny Iko is inspired by Michael Jackson’s stellar performance skills and great stage presence, while MeechieSoCrazy is a huge fan of Sisqo’s powerhouse voice and delivery.  The artists they choose to admire are a clear indication of how well-rounded this group is.

4EY refuses to be labeled as the average boy-band.  Their sound is created from a blend of many different genres of music: R&B, Funk, Hip-Hop, Rock and Pop. Their latest single, “Scoot Over”, has already inspired its own dance.  The “Scoot Over Dance” has teens across the 50-states going crazy!  You can catch this awesome video on YouTube, MTV2 and VEVO.  This single has the airwaves buzzing and anxiously awaiting the release of their 1st album, "4EVER", 14 tracks of flawless crooning over the hottest melodies.  It is set to drop on June 9th, 2015, just in time for summer madness!  

With undeniable talent and a powerhouse team of producers, 4EY promises to be the biggest group since N’Sync and Boys II Men.  They are a trifecta of talent that have created a sound like no other.  Their natural musical talents and high-energy performances are currently bringing pandemonium to a city near you on their 30-city school tour across the U.S.  Don't miss it!

Website: www.wer4ey.com

Instagram: @wer4ey    


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