ADAMA: Music Is Her Life

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Where She's From: Adama was born to a Nigerian mother and Cornish father in London, England where she also spent her childhood years. From an early age she was exposed to diverse musical styles from her parents and remembers dreaming music in detail. "My first musical dream was at three years old.  I was a conductor for a symphonic orchestra," she tells The Black Star News. 

Adama continued her teenage years studying for her Art and Fashion Design diploma and degree at college. When she wasn't studying she intensely pursued the martial arts in her spare time, going on to win the UK National Championships in Traditional Chinese Kung Fu and competing for Great Britain in Hong Kong's International Championships. "My weapon was the twin swords—butterfly knives.  I feel that martial arts really helped me to channel and focus my energies, growing up," she adds.

It wasn't long afterwards when she understood that her true calling was music. "I had a revelation and I needed to follow it.  I began to translate my dreams, writing lots of songs and seeking out producers."

Where She's At:
  In 2003, Adama signed a record deal with DreamWorks. Her album never got recorded as the company dissolved into Universal. Once free from her contract, Adama got together with UK producer Gili Wiseburgh (Jem, Sugarbabes) to make the album Delicate Dragon, which is due out this April. "We recorded in his private studio by the Dead Sea, in the desert which is the lowest point on the planet, around 418 meters below sea level. It's a very special place to make an album," Adama says. 

Recording the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra, Adama finally got to hear her dream orchestrations come to life. "It has to be one of the happiest moments of my life, to hear my dreams become reality, played by an orchestra. I'm still not over it!"

Today, Adama is making waves on the internet, attracting fans from all over the globe.  It's wonderful to be able to create my dream vision and discover that there are people out there who love my music. That is the best part for me, to be able to share my inner world with people and to touch people."

Where She's Heading:  New York City is Adama's next destination: "I have a lot of love and support coming from New York. I love the city and I am planning to go there in March this year, do some shows and promote my album. As soon as I finish filming this music video for my single, Show Me The Exit, I'm packing by bags.  My goal is to pursue my musical career forever. I have no B plan for my life. It want to establish myself as an artist, making music the way I love to, as opposed to conforming to the current trends in the industry."

Adama's Words Of Wisdom: “Feel the fear and do it anyway. Follow your true path.  Let your dreams take you there.�
Adama's Secret To Success: “Remember that true success comes from within. If you are happy, following your dreams, loving what you do and nurturing yourself, you are already a success.�
Adama's Favorite All Time Three Movies: “Sexy Beast, Baraka and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory—original version.�
Adama's Favorite All Time Three Books: “Energy Medicine by Donna Eden, The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron and Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain.�

The First Three Things Adama Would Do As U.S. President: “Focus on helping with environmental issues, focus on eliminating world hunger, and work towards educating and nurturing the young and underprivileged all over the world.�

Adama's Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

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