Andrew U: Perfectionist Rises

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The student is now the master.

For years, Andrew U the Perfectionist has been balancing college at SUNY Oneonta with producing some of the hottest music from the underground. And now that he’s finished his educational pursuits, he can devote all of his time and talent to what he does best: producing killer music.

After a visit to his MySpace page ( it’s easy to understand why he has the music industry buzzing. He’s just 22 years old but has already worked with huge talent and can be found in the company of industry giants on a daily basis. His work with controversial hip-hop artist Remy Ma, best known for her featured appearance in Terror Squad’s hit “Lean Back,” has thrust Andrew into the spotlight recently. “I have nothing but respect for her and her talents. She’s a true professional. It is a pleasure working with her, and I have complete confidence that she’ll emerge victorious,” he says.

This early success has been hard-won but also natural for the Long Island native. “I’ve always had skills when it came to music, and it seems like I’ve been producing since before I could talk,” he says. “But I’ve also worked really hard to hone my God-given skills. My name says it all: I’m a perfectionist, which is why the artists want to work with me.”

Andrew won’t be “underground” much longer. In fact, his name is garnering more buzz than any young producer in years. So what does the music magician himself believe the future holds for him? “Let’s put it this way: shades will be required,” he smiles.


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