Black Frost Rising

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Where She’s From:
Black Frost, whose Zodiac sign is Leo, was born in Mobile, AL and raised in both Pensacola, FL., Mobile, and New York.

“Being that my family was anything but ordinary; the lessons I learned were more of ‘what not to do,’� she tells The Black Star News. “My mother was an inspiration although she passed when I was 14. I credit my love of entertainment and music to her. She was a singer, writer and visionary. I learned to dream big and have an open mind and imagination to the world from her. My father was not around and the rest of my family had unfortunate dealings with the law and drugs, which led me to learn from their mistakes and strive even harder for my dreams in hopes of giving my family opportunity.�

Black Frost attended Murphy High School in Mobile, AL. “I wrote my first book at the age of eight, my first song at the age of nine and my first rap at 10 but I would say that I officially launched my career when I was 16,� she adds. “Performing at local clubs and talent shows, doing gigs for radio and selling my own music—that’s how I’ve built a following.�

Where She’s At: “I’m an artist and a businesswoman,� Black Frost adds. “My song is heating up on the radio and my shows are in demand. Just about every executive and A&R in the industry knows my name and will vouch for my success. I am very blessed.�

She has plans for a career in the cinema as well: “Being that my music career stems from my general passion for writing, I see myself writing, directing and producing big box office movies and television shows. I also want to manage and develop the careers of other talented musicians.�

“The main challenges for me so far have been getting the respect I'm owed as a lyricist,� Black Frost continues. “Because many female rappers before me have lowered the standards and requirements for our field - I'm expected to degrade myself and dumb down my music. When people first see me they never match my voice with my sound because I flow so hard but I present myself as a lady. Hence my theme, ‘Da Beauty & Da Beast,’ my lyrics and delivery being the beast. Basically proving that I can hold my own in this male-dominated industry. I conquer them by staying focused and true to what I do, no matter how long it takes to be accepted. I will continue on my mission to empower women to believe in their strengths.�

Where She’s Heading: Black Frost is proud of her accomplishments, including the founding of her Company, 24-7 Entertainment Group. She is working on launching an organization, EnSite, for the blind, which was inspired by her sister's current condition and T.E.A.C.H., a youth program designed to encourage faith and confidence in the younger generation.
“I recently had my first international show, in the Bahamas, for the prime minister,� she adds.

“Unfortunately the best way to get noticed isn't by your heart and mind nowadays - it's more about your appearance and who you know,� Black Frost concedes. “So you have to use what you got as they say, but there's still a respectable way to do it.�

So how does this lyricist, performer, musician, and businesswoman prepare to step outside?: “I am not big on name brands; I feel like you make the clothes, they don't make you. Whether it costs $1,000 or $20. But I do feel extra Vogue when I wear anything from BeBe, for shoes, clothes, jewelry, you name it. Mostly because their selection is sexy and sophisticated. MAC is the only make-up for me because it makes me look naturally flawless and lovely by SJP, Sex In The City star, is my favorite fragrance because it just smells so soft and clean.�

Black Frost’s Words Of Wisdom:
“Remember that waking up with no goal is like waking up with no soul - so find what it is that makes you happy, know the world and master it. Never give up and always keep faith. If He lets you see tomorrow then your life still has purpose - use everyday trying to find that and fulfill it.�
Black Frost’s Secret Of Success: “Faith in God. Faith in Him gives me the faith I need in myself to succeed.�
Black Frost’s Three Favorite Movies: “Love and Basketball, The Five Heartbeats and
Black Frost’s Three Favorite Books: “The Bible, and not because that’s the politically correct answer but because it’s the most important literature in life and history; All You Need To Know About The Music Industry, by Donald S. Passman and The Coldest Winter, by Sistah Souljah.�
The Three Leaders That Most Inspire Black Frost: “My Savior Jesus Christ,
Martin Luther King, and Oprah, for making me feel like there's no limit to the success you can have.�
The First Three Things Black Frost’s Would Do As President: “Change the minimum wage and tax laws to ensure more and better employment as well as more funds for education. Secondly, change the probable cause mess to give Americans their privacy back, and third fire all these racist anchormen on CNN, and other networks who report world news with discrimination—tighten the requirements for obtaining those jobs.�
Black Frost’s Favorite Cars: “Mercedese Benz coupes, Navigators, old school Cadillacs, Infiniti Q45, and the Maybach.�

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