Celebrating the 20th Anniversary of E-MOVES: Harlem Stage’s Signature Dance Series with Hip-Hop Dance

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Featuring Two Commissioned World Premieres by FLUXX and Omari Mizrahi/Les Ballet Afrik.  

PROGRAM B – May 9, 10 and 11.

“This season we are conversing, collaborating, and of course singing and dancing. We are thrilled to be working with a growing list of programming partners, who enable us to bring new audiences to Harlem Stage and align ourselves with organizations and artists who share our values. We welcome you to join in this communion of art that informs, inspires and ultimately transforms,” said Patricia Cruz, Executive Director of Harlem Stage. 

Monique Martin, Director of Programming, said “As we wade through these precarious times of polarizing speech, mass shootings and mass incarceration we need our #Disrupters now more than ever. The trifecta of art, culture and activism provides us with tools that can guide us to a deeper understanding of the past, present and forecast the future. Harlem Stage continues to entrust artists to co-create with us, a fertile sanctuary space of mutual respect and understanding. We are honored to create generative spaces for our community to see and be with each other. All are welcome!”

Sila Djiguba (Path of Hope) - (13 minutes): Choreography: Ousmane Wiles (Omari Mizrahi)

Piece Name: “Sila Djiguba” (Path of Hope) and “Crossroads” (World Premiere)

“Sila Djiguba” is an amalgamation of West African, AfroBeat, House and Vogue styles. Featuring 8 dancers, the piece honors the dance circles or “ciphers” that bring people together during a time of celebration, whether it be a wedding in the villages of West Africa or a classic game of “Pass the Beat” at a vogue ball in New York City. Inspired by non-verbal exchanges, which occur when people from different walks of life engage within a cipher, Omari’s “ Sila Djiguba” showcases how traditional dance steps are reinterpreted through various dance styles and passed down to generations to come. 

Crossroads - (15 minutes) World Premiere: Choreography: Ousmane Wiles (Omari Mizrahi) 

“Crossroads” is inspired by relationships in all their forms and how people use them to understand themselves. The work moves through abusive relationships, community circles, and mentorship, to contemplate the choices one makes and where each road leads.

Festival of Dreams - (20 minutes):  Choreography: Faustin Linyekula and Moya Michael 

Created by Faustin Linyekula (Democratic Republic of Congo) and Moya Michael (South Africa) and in collaboration with 22 dancers from It’s Showtime NYC! during a two-week residency at BRIC and University Settlement in 2017, “Festival of Dreams” celebrates the small, personal details that define who we are and connect us all as human beings. 

Imma Bad Girl- (4 minutes):  Choreography: TweetBoogie 

Paying homage to Bad Boy Records who changed the sound of Hip-Hop and R&B in the 90’s along with fashion and culture. 

Box Office Location: Harlem Stage Gatehouse (150 Convent Avenue at West 135th Street, Manhattan). 

Box Office Hours:  Regular box office hours are 10AM–3PM Monday through Friday, except on performance days when the box office remains open until one hour after the start of the performance. 

By Phone: 212.281.9240 ext. 19 

Online: www.HarlemStage.org 

For more information on Harlem Stage, visit: www. harlemstage.org

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