Conkahgood: ‘Man Kill A Man’


Photo: Twitter

The visual for the song "Man A Kill Man" by Reggae singer Conkahgood (featuring Dub Society) was recently released. Conkahgood is a Moroccan musician, who is based in Germany.

On Soundcloud, it says this of Conkahgood:

"Conkahgood is a Moroccan Musician, song writer, artist and activist. Born in Salé Morocco, known for its rich culture and traditional music sessions. He got inspired from early age by genres like Malhoune, Rai, Chaabi and Gnawa music. It was not late until he discovered Jamaican music with the first Burning Spear album reaching his hand: 'Burning Reggae.' Soon after Conkahgood recorded his first song at the age of 15, at a local studio. In Casablanca, Morocco he studied film science, produced and directed video clips and documentaries. He was the lead singer of System D, a Reggae project and Sound System act as Mc and Deejay before concentrating on his solo music work in 2017."

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