Definitely, Jodi's Very Good EP

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Jodi Good’s Debut EP “Definitely Different” is the perfect anthem for a bad break up.

Jodi Good is a Long Island native who started taking voice lessons at the age of four. “Ever since I was little I would sing a lot. So my parents signed me up for voice lessons,” she tells The Black Star News.

A wise decision by her parents as Good went on to later attend the Berklee School for two years. Then she decided to test her luck in New York City.

Her single “Definitely Different” highlights her quirky characteristics. What I like about this single is that what she highlights are her shyness, sensitivity and being very emotional. These are traits that are considered weak and most people would not want to highlight.

Good’s willingness to be willing to dwell on these personal attributes makes this EP stand out. Most of the EP follows the dark space of someone longing for his or her lover. There is no façade of "strength" in the lyrics. This allows listeners to create a strong bond between the songs and their own personal experiences.

Good’s willingness to be so open with her experience gives the album all the muscle it needs. “Writing it was much harder then singing it because I had to relive a really horrible time in my life,” she confides.

Good’s lyrics are captivating. She strikes to the core of the EP with lyrics such as, “ I drop tears like the fall drops leaves/ I’m an old open book with no tricks up my sleeve.”

It is unapologetic for her faults. The fact that she is not offering any excuses for her “flaws” saves this EP from sounding whiny.

Good’s ability to manipulate words emerged in 6th grade. After the aftermath of 9/11 Good’s school had students write poems to pay tribute. One day in class Good heard her poem being read over the PA system. As teachers congratulated her Good felt that she had received validation that she was gifted.

Gifts that have carried her on and helped her make “Definitely Different” an emotionally raw piece. 



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