Donna Summer, Legend of Disco Era, Dead At Age 63

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Disco Queen Donna Summer has died. While the details about her passing are still developing, celebrity news site TMZ reports that Summer who has been battling lung cancer succumbed to the disease this morning in Florida. She was 63 years of age.

She is reported to have been working on music for a new album.

Famous for her hits "Last Dance", "Hot Stuff", "She Works Hard For The Money" and "On The Radio", Summer won five Grammy Awards and six American Music Awards. In 2009, she sang at the Nobel Peace Prize Concert honoring President Barack Obama in Oslo, Norway.

Born in 1948, and named LaDonna Adrian Gaines, in Boston, Mass., she was
one of seven children. Raised on gospel music, she was already the
soloist in her church choir when she was only 10.

She is survived by her husband, musician Bruce Sudano, three daughters, and four grandchildren.

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