Elegant Beauty, Tika Rainn

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(Elegant beauty, Tika)

Where She’s From: Anyone who complains about life’s challenges needs to get to know Tika. “When I was eight years old, I was hit by a car,� this lovely entertainer recalls. “Holding on to the hood, begging for my life, he just kept swerving until he threw me off into the woods.�

Tika hit her head on a log and sunk into a three day comma. “The doctor told my parents that if I came out of it, I would be a vegetable, but I decided different,� she adds. At age 12, Tika was given a fake knee--but nothing could slow her. “I just kept tapping,� she says, and her persistence resulted in a record deal with Capitol Records and then a record deal with BMG in Germany with her group New Version of Soul.

Where She’s At: Straight out of streetwise Atlanta, Ga, Tika, also known as Sweetie, also proves you don’t have to be soft-core to be a woman and you don’t have to be hardcore to be a rapper. She’s the best of both--Tika has the playfulness of a girl, the strength and beauty of a naturally sexy woman, and the musical talent and presence of all the best rappers. Since moving to Los Angeles, Ca., she has stepped up her game adding songs to her sets that will surely become party anthems for anyone who knows the real deal when they hear it.

Where She’s Heading: “This year I've placed songs on Showtime’s Barbershop, The Shield on FX, and MTV's Save the Last Dance 2,� Tika says. “Flavor Flav named me Sweetie on the first series of Flavor of Love. I had two lines in an indie film called The Bunker and next I will be in a film called Dead Zero."

Some of Tika’s past accomplishments are featured in "Love and a Bullet"; co-stared on NBC's "Three Sisters"
Tika’s Words of Wisdom: “Manifesting a dream is like birthing a baby, you've got to push, scream, squeeze and do whatever it takes to have your baby. Once the child is born everything you went thru will be worth it. Tika means joy in the place of sorrow. Pay the price for your dream because it’s worth it.�
Secrets to Success: “Tap,Tap,Tap-a continuous drop of water can break a boulder in two. No matter what happens, I just keep tapping.�

For more information about Tika please visit www.myspace.com/tikarainn and www.tikarainn.com and www.jmusicgroup.com. Also contact Jasmine Diaz (760) 430-0043 for Tika’s music.

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