Fashion: Pink Dazzles Grammys

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When you have the return of the Police, an almost perfect tribute to James Brown and an aspiring, unknown singer who rocks the stage with Mr. Sexy himself Justin Timberlake you better believe that you are going to have one awesome, amazing, and even heartfelt show.

That's exactly what the 2007 Grammys brought to millions of viewers on Sunday, February 11th. So we know the show was great, but what about the fashion? Celebs that walked the red carpet generally played it safe this year. Except for the minor fashion misfit who thought it would be great to be styled by Kermit the Frog, fashion was almost too perfect.

Even rocker Pink who makes it her mission, no her job to stir things up on the carpet, attended this year’s Grammys dressed as an "It" girl, whom she so famously despises. Pink wore a vintage black, sequined Hervé Leger gown. But, it must be stated that she kept the rocker chic alive with her blonde faux-hawk and multiple visible tattoos. Pink is this year's Grammy Fashion winner. Not because her dress was more magnificent than any other girl, but because she stepped up and stepped out from her usual hard core rocker fashion look. Applause.

Moving along, trends from this year's Grammy red carpet proved that short is sweet. Hem lines rose way above the knees, showing off toned legs. Hot girls, Fergie, Ciara, Vanessa Manillo and Nelly Furtado, showed off their sexy legs in short dresses that had a huge impact on the carpet.

Metallic was also another trend we saw on the red carpet. Metallic is one of the harder trends to pull off. Jamie Foxx wore a silver metallic jacket and it almost appeared as if it was made of aluminum foil, but none the less his jacket was well fitted and he was well groomed. Justin Timberlake also wore a metallic, grey suit, but the color was muted and did not have such an intense gloss to it.

John Mayer stayed away from any metallic look. He wore a black Armani tuxedo and a pair of Nikes. Mayer looked refined and cool with his mix of a proper suite and funky sneakers
Sequins, crystals and sparkles oh my, were worn by Carrie Underwood, Mary J. Blige and Corrine Baily Rae. These celebs shined like the stars they are and that ladies and gentlemen is the absolute biggest trend of the year. Shine on! Shine on!

Dixon writes about fashion for The Black Star News


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