From the Art Archive: Elijah Rocq\"All Seasons Love"


[From the Art Archive\Elijah Rocq\All Season Love]
In this first installment of "From the Art Archive" we feature this music video from Brooklyn-based Reggae artist Elijah Rocq.
Photo: Elijah Rocq

Dynamic Brooklyn-based Reggae singer and artist Elijah Rocq.

Greeting Sisters and Brothers, and all readers and viewers of the Black Star News, to our first installment of Black Star News' "From the Art Archive." From the Art Archive will feature music, poetry, and any artistic expression created by artists of African descent. Because of the strong Pan-African leanings of the Black Star News, we will often showcase artists who exhibit that sensibility--many of whom will not be household names in the Hollywood and MTV mold.

In our first presentation, we are spotlighting the seriously seasoned Reggae singer Elijah Rocq.

Rocq was born of Jamaican parentage in Brooklyn New York, and raised in the Jamaican Parish of St Ann--where Reggae king Bob Marley was born, along with the great Burning Spear and the Honorable Marcus Mosiah Garvey.

Rocq would eventually tour the U.S., Europe & Japan and grace the stage with the likes of Gregory Issacs, Marcia Griffiths, Sanchez, Buju Banton, Lee Scratch Perry, and Sly & Robbie.

Now a solo artist, Rocq is working under his own TriumphantRootz Label. The following music video selection is called "All Season Love," a magnificent love song highlighting the beauty of Rocq's voice.

For more information on Elijah Rocq visit his page.

Also, read Black Star News's article on this talented artist here:

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