Gloria Lynne Brings Love

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Three busloads of fans will be arriving from Washington, D.C., alone to support their cherished star.  Others will be making there way from Philadelphia, Washington, Baltimore and the boroughs of New York to wish the legendary Gloria Lynne love when they join her at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center on Friday, October 7th and Saturday, October 8th for her upcoming performance.  The Tribeca Performing Arts Center, located at 199 Chambers Street, is part of the Borough of Manhattan College.  Ms. Lynne’s concert entitled “I Wish You Loveâ€? is assured to be a smash since Gloria is a celebrated balladeer and is, along with some of the members of her band, an award winner.

Ms. Lynne will be singing to the accompaniment of musicians Roy Meriwether, a composer and pianist who wrote Black Snow, a 21-piece musical suite tracing the history of the black experience in America after receiving a Jazz Composition Fellowship Grant to sponsor the endeavor.  “Black Snowâ€? premiered for the United States Bicentennial Celebration and received a Lifetime Achievement Music Award. Drummer Vince Ector, who is also an educator, was featured as a teaching artist in the 2001 Harcourt/Brace Media Literacy Video Series and performed with the United States Army Band for six years.  Guitarist Greg Skaff has performed with the likes of Stanley Turrentine, Ruth Brown, et al, and bassist Leon Dorsey, a composer and arranger, has performed with Wynton Marsalis and Dizzy Gillespie. Dorsey has recorded with a virtual "who's who" of jazz greats.

Originally, the plan was to produce a play about Gloria Lynne’s life, but delays and complications in getting the play off the ground resulted in Lynne deeming to do a two day concert instead.  “I have never done a play before and thought it would be a new experience for me. However, certain things needed to be put in place in order for it to fully represent my life storyâ€? explained Gloria.  Not wishing to disappoint the multitude of fans that have followed the legendary Ms. Lynne throughout her career, Gloria opted to do the 2 day concert instead.  However, her fans won’t be disappointed since Gloria plans to sing some of the signature songs that she is best known for and she might even throw a surprise or two into the mix by performing some songs she has never sang before a live audience.

“I don’t only sing the songs of other composers, I am a songwriter, too,â€? revealed Gloria whose son P.J. Allen is the President of her company, Family Bread, and who is also a songwriter in his own right.  “I am looking forward to this concert since I haven’t played New York in awhile.  Although from all the emails I am getting, I am led to believe that some folks will be coming from Florida and California as wellâ€? said Gloria of the people who have let her know they plan to fly across the country to see her.  She plans to perform such songs as “I Get A Kick Out of You,â€? “A June Night,â€? “Serenade in Blue,â€? “Tower of Strength,â€? “I’m Glad There’s You,â€? “My Funny Valentine,â€? “Don’t Take Your Love From Me,â€? as well as the song Ms. Lynne is best known for “I Wish You Love.â€?   “I Wish You Loveâ€? was Ms Lynne’s first cross over song from the jazz charts to the R&B and pop charts.  She has performed with Harry Belafonte, Ray Charles, Billy Eckstein, Ella Fitzgerald, Quincy Jones, and many others.  “Harry Belafonte was instrumental in giving me my start,â€? revealed Gloria fondly. “Harry was actually my mentor.   He was the first to expose me to television. I appeared on two TV specials produced by Harry for CBS.  One was “New York Nineteenâ€? and the other was Stollin 20â€? stated Gloria in reference to her first television appearance.

Gloria is no stranger to the many rhythms of life.  She has experienced both the low and high notes of living. And based on the many conversations that she and this writer have had over the years, she is a philosopher at heart.  She is a crusader and a warrior but in many ways her trials and tribulations have given her the compassionate heart that has allowed her to sing so beautifully and with such depth of feel.  Gloria Lynne has earned her Family Bread and deserves all the acclaim and kudos that has made her the great star that she is and will always be.  Like the phoenix, Gloria has the strength to rise and hold on for a better day and lately those better days have come her way.  “I have been pretty busy performing this year. I was at Clark University in Atlanta in May and played the Lincoln Theatre in Washington, D.C., in June.  I also performed at the Chicago Jazz Festival this monthâ€? remarked the living legend. 

“Though, its taking a while, I am presently working on an album and writing a few new songs that are being produced by my son and published through our company Family Bread.  I think people will be happy with the result.â€?

Ms. Lynne appears on WBAI-Radio, October 2nd, WLIW Public TV- Channel 13 on October 4th and WWRL, October 6th to promote her upcoming show at the Tribeca Performing Arts Center.  Orchestra seats for the Friday, October 7th performance are $55.00 (that price includes the opening reception).  Regular orchestra for both nights is $35 and mezzanine for both nights is $25.00.  Tickets can be purchased by calling the Box Office at 212-220-1460.

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