Gwinin X-MAS fun in BROOKLYN with DJ SELF, the Prince of New York

DJ SELF the Prince of New York
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Saturday, December 17, 2016
Madison Square Boys & Girls Club
Brooklyn, N.Y.

DJ SELF, " The Prince of New York", hosted an amazing day of food and fun for the children of
Brooklyn's Madison Square Boys & Girls Club Navy yard which is run by Antonio Fort, Jr., who attended the Boys & Girls Club as a child himself
on the Lower East Side. He has been involved with the organization since 1980, empowering thousands of children to
achieve academic success, good character and citizenship. With the help of staff members such as Mr. Warren and
Mr. Shakar, the kids of Brooklyn have a safe and fun place to grow.

DJ SELF treated the children in his old neighborhood to a tasty and healthy brunch from catering service, "EAT CLEAN BRO", bottled water provided by ESSENTIA WATER and hundreds of gift bags donated by POWER 105.1, ROOKIE U.S.A. and MISS JESSIE.
Special presents were given to raffle winners, such as XBOX ONEs, flying drones and Smart DollHouses.

SELF's invited guests included artists UNCLE MURDA, MAINO, LouGotCash and fellow LOVE AND HIP HOP cast members Young B and SNOOP. They danced with the children, took dozens of pictures and SnapChats, and above all, spoke with them about the importance of getting a good education, listening to their parents and teachers and staying focused on their bright futures.

DJ SELF hosted a dance contest...the kids verses MAINO and he was an excellent sport as the kids "Milly-Rocked" all over him!
He awarded the winners a POWER 105.1 gift bag and $50 cash, while UNCLE MURDA gave out a brand new XBOX ONE to another lucky child. All in all, the event was a huge success and everyone had a fantastic time!

DJ SELF spared no expense to give these children's holiday season
an early jumpstart. "My goal is to show our children and young adults
that there are so many positive outlets they can use to build their
futures instead of hanging out on the streets. I want them to know
that with hard work and sacrifice, success is right around the corner."

He was also raised in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, and credits music for
keeping him away from the ills of street life. "The music was my focus. I wanted to be the DJ playing on the radio that everyone was listening to. Working toward my goal didn't leave much time for getting into trouble." While attending parties as a
teenager, he was fascinated by the DJ's and how they controlled the tone of the party. He decided right then that DJ'ing is what he wanted to do.

He began playing in various clubs and venues all across New York City, such as Planet Hollywood, Perfections Gentleman's Club, Cheetah and Lot 61.

His unique ability to actively engage the crowd by creating live, original remixes during his set, increased SELF's fan base. Putting his name and face on a flyer became a sure-fire way for promoters to get party-goers to attend their events.

As his popularity continued to grow, he was invited to play parties for heavy hitters in the industry such
as Alicia Keys, Stephon Marbury, Mos Def and XXL MAGAZINE. He began traveling all over the world DJ'ing everywhere from the West Coast to Berlin, the Carribean, Mexico, London, Tokyo and more.

This world-wide exposure coupled with his popularity on the local club scenes in NYC and New Jersey, landed him a starring role on VH1's most popular reality show, "LOVE AND HIP HOP".

A "SELF-proclaimed" multi-tasker, SELF is NOT just a DJ. He is also a music producer for various artists, a mixtape DJ, radio show host and entrepreneur. "I’m Nigerian and I was raised to have a lot of hustles. If you just have one hustle and it fails, then you’re scrambling to look around for ways to make it. I have an entrepreneurial mindset, so I do clothing, radio, television and will branch into film-making soon.

After producing a series of mixtapes featuring the LOX, MAINO, and more, in 2013 he released a solo mixtape. It was lead by the hugely popular single, "Yeah OK", featuring Rick Ross and YO Gotti. And as if his plate isn't full enough, he also hosts his very own radio shows on POWER 105.1 and
Sirius XM satellite radio,

His "SELF-made" brand, GWININ, whose moniker is a word
that SELF and his childhood friends created to represent their
positive lifestyle and strong team, consists of an apparel line, an
entertainment company and will soon branch into the film industry.

The company is run by DJ SELF and his GWININ TEAM. GWININ ENTERTAINMENT gives new artists the chance to get exposure,
perform at different music showcases and create avenues for them to fulfill their dreams in the music industry. GWININ APPAREL, INC keeps you well-dressed in the latest urban gear worn by DJ SELF and his GWININ TEAM.

With so many business endeavors and new marketing ideas brewing,
there is no doubt that DJ SELF will be "GWININ" for a long time to come!

Please tune into POWER 105.1 Monday thru Friday from
10pm-2pm and Saturdays from 6pm-10pm and Sirius XM SHADE 45 on Saturdays from 10pm-1am, to hear what the buzz is all about. Let DJ SELF, "The PRINCE of NEW YORK", get your weekend "GWININ" with great music and awesome energy, as he spins the hottest new music and best classics!

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