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It shapes our personalities, forms the soundtrack of our lives, serves
as a form of entertainment and brings together individuals from all
corners of the globe—It’s music.

Learning to play it is something that’s often written off as an impossible feat of achievement.

However, that’s not necessarily the case. Most people already recognize
the language of rhythm and harmony without even knowing it. “People
think they have to read sheet music and understand music theory in
order to play guitar,” says HoustonGuitar.com founder and musician Greg

“This is simply not the case. The fact is that many successful
guitarists don't know how to read music. They learn to play their parts
by ear.” HoustonGuitar.com specializes in teaching beginners to play
guitar by ear through the use of an interactive CD-ROM. Video clips
demonstrate simple hand movements, which are then set to music. This
visual, play-by-ear approach is helping students dramatically cut their
learning time, compared to traditional methods.

“Most successful guitarists play by what they hear and what they feel,
and that’s what our CD’s are designed to do. They teach the guitar
without complication by focusing on simple hand techniques that
everybody can do,” says Varhaug.

Users of the method have described the lessons as “empowering,” and
they love the convenience of learning at home, without expensive
private lessons. The lessons on CD-ROM cost less than one thirty-minute
guitar lesson. Users of the method have likened the process to a
distance-based education class.

“We are witnessing a revolution in progress when it comes to learning
to play music. There are so many possibilities available,” adds
Varhaug. “Technology allows us to bridge the gap and this is the next
best thing to being there.”


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