Interview: DJ WEBSTAR

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[Black Star Interview]

Harlem's Prince of the underground party scene merged into the mainstream in 2006 with his  smash hit "Chicken Noodle Soup".  

It became an Internet sensation, with over one million viewings and close to one thousand fans making home-made versions of the video for YouTube.  Though young in age, his reputation precedes him. WEBSTAR has worked with some of Hip-Hop, R&B and Reggae's hottest artists such as Dipset, Cassie, Serani, Rick Ross and Wale.

He has 3 albums under his belt including a collabo with fellow Harlem native Jim Jones, "Rooftop",  which spawned the Billboard Top 40 single "Dancin' on Me".   As a DJ/Party Promoter/Rapper/Producer, Webstar wears many hats.  The biggest one being CEO of his record label Scrilla Hill Records/Universal SRC.  With a new single "Sip,Lean,Pop a Molly" buzzing in the streets, Webstar continues to keep the party popping and our heads bopping.

BSN: Good afternoon DJ WEBSTAR!  How are you?
DJW: Hi! How are you?  I'm good!  It's been a long morning but I'm here.

BSN: First of all congratulations on your huge deal with Universal SRC!  That is major.
DJW: Thank you, thank you!  I appreciate that!

BSN: Wow, it must feel great to be with Universal SRC.  What's the most notable difference between being on a major label as opposed to an independant one?
DJW: Being signed to Koch/E1 was an amazing experience.  When you're signed independant you do your own footwork and grind non-stop.  With a major label you also work hard but you have a team to help you with some of that grinding, like more support.  But with independant you see more of your money since you don't have a lot people to pay when the checks come in!  I was lucky enough to experience both.

BSN: You started your career with your own label, Scrilla Hill.  That's rare and quite impressive for a new artist.
DJW: I've been fortunate enough to be around people who know the business very well. Diddy is my mentor. He taught me everything.  And working with Jim Jones I was able to learn about being on an independant label since he's very knowledgeable about it.  I've just been blessed because it's hard to break into the business without a co-signer to back you.  Major artists may be hesitant to work with you without a Diddy or Dr Dre to vouch for you.  With the exception of Wiz Khalifa I don't see any new artists blowing up without a big name behind them.

BSN: Well with Diddy as a mentor you can't go wrong.  The great thing about him is he came up through the ranks so he knows every aspect of the business.
DJW: Yes. Diddy is a hustler and a hard worker. He showed me how to be my own boss, which is what I wanted, so it worked out.  Im just trying to strike the iron while it's hot, you know, capitalize on my opportunities. 50 Cent told me a long time ago, "You will make money off of the music, but you will make more money off of the things music industry exposes you to."

BSN: Your biggest record to date is "Dancin' on Me" off of the collabo album with Jim Jones. How did that come about?
DJW: I actually had a few other artists interested in the project like Akon, Fabolos and Red Cafe.  But after sitting down with Jimmy and Dame Dash, I felt like there's was the best deal.

BSN: Now you've worked with a variety of artists throughout your career, even broke a few into the game, such as Lil Mama, Young B and Teyana Taylor.  What does your new artist Anthe Bee bring to your sound?
DJW: Awe man!  She has sheer talent!  Anthe Bee is the most talented artist I've ever worked with.  She raps, she sings, she writes her own music. Man she just has her own sound. She's amazing!  I've worked with a lot of different people in this industry and she doesn't sound like anyone else, she's just a pleasure to work with. I'm exciting to be able to break an artist like this. She's super hot!  Please check her out on the new single "Molly" of course, but also YouTube Anthe Bee "Swagg". You'll see what I'm so excited about!

BSN: Absolutely!  I've heard the new single, it's fire!  I'm definitely going to check her out. Who would you like to work with in the future?
DJW: I would love to work with Swizz Beats, Pharrell, Kanye West. I mean Kanye's just a musical genius, I'd love to get in the studio with him. And of course Dr.Dre!  He is the ultimate. It would be a dream to work with him.  I've met so many great people in the industry and built relationships like with them, that's how a lot of my features happen.  I met Wale in Miami and we hit it off right away.  Got real cool and next thing you know we're in the studio with Gudda-Gudda recording "Drop Dat".

BSN: Have you heard the "3 Kings" tracks with him, Ross and Jay?  Crazy!
DJW: Yes!  That joint is fire!

BSN: Who is DJ Webstar listening to in his free time?
DJW: I like the new stuff, Big Sean, Chris Brown, Pusha T. The whole GOOD MUSIC crew is hot. But I'm on that LIFE IS GOOD right now!  NAS got it!  If you go in my car that's in my CD player right now.

BSN: Me too!  Love NAS' new album!  And I'm a queens girl so you know that's in heavy rotation!  I want to thank you for taking the time out to speak with me. It was an absolute pleasure, you're energy is crazy!  Love it!  We wish you much success DJ Webstar!
DJW: You're welcome, thank you for speaking with me!  Have a good day!

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