Joshua2's Blues Project Includes Tribute to B.B. King

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Submitted by Fern Gillespie  

To celebrate the spirit of B.B. King, blues artist Joshua2 will feature a tribute to the blues great at his  Blues Project: Pentecostal Blues Concert at New York City’s My Image Studios Harlem (MIST Harlem) located at 46 West 116th Street on Friday, June 19 and Saturday, June 20.  "

When I think of B.B. King, I think about my father.  Their playing styles were very similar,” says Joshua2 , who was raised in Cool Springs, Delaware and grew up in the Pentecostal church . “The difference was that my father wouldn't leave the church to give his talent to the world.  B.B. King however saw his gift as something to be given back to the world.  If he could ease the soul of someone through his music, then he did just that whether in church or in the world."  

In honor of the late B.B. King, Joshua2 will perform special renditions of King’s classics The Blues and The Thrill is Gone.The Blues Project: Pentecostal Blues Concert is a musical performance that celebrates the history and continuing relevance of original blues through Joshua2’s signature style called “Pentecostal Blues.” The Blues Project precipitates a blend of authentic gospel, folk, low-down country, blues and R&B/Soul and conveys a message of unity by bringing people from diverse backgrounds to interact, bond, come together as one and have an amazing time through the love and healing of the blues. “Blues is a healer,” says Joshua2.“

Pentecostal Blues” is Joshua2’s signature style. It's a blend of his two influences --the reverence of the Pentecostal church and the blues of the juke joint that Joshua2 grew up being a part of and listening to as a child. “I recognized that the words were different but the truth and hope were the same,” explains Joshua2. “It was then I realized that we are the same people, needing help and encouragement to get through our days.” This true renaissance man’s expertise runs the gamut from visual artist to fashion illustrator to civil rights activist to national performer and vocalist. He has combined all of his passions, experiences and talents to create The Blues Project. In his Delaware community, Joshua2 was raised in the Pentecostal church and was immersed in its faith and customs. Across from the church was a popular juke joint called the Blue Goose, where a young Joshua would sneak over to listen to the tunes of Howlin’ Wolf and John Lee Hooker. Through these blues legends and B.B. King, Joshua2 recognized the tone, power and soul of the songs were similar to what he experienced in church. The blending of the two genres moved Joshua, which inspired him to give birth to Joshua2’s signature style--Pentecostal Blues. “  

"B.B. King did not hide his talents under a bushel,” says Joshua2.  “He went into the cities, the juke joints, the cornfield shacks and eventually sold out venues so that people would know the difference between the truth and a lie."  Joshua2's The Blues Project: Pentecostal Blues Concert at MIST Harlem features special guests including: The Phil Young Experience, Patience Higgins, Dave Pap, Professor Harp and more. It includes a tribute to BB King.  Check out  Joshua2 on the web at;  twitter: @joshua2blues and instagram: @joshua2bluesThe Joshua2 concert is Friday, June 19th, and Saturday, June 20th; Time: 9pm to 11pm; Ticket Prices: Theater Seating - $35; Cabaret Seating - $50. Drinks and Cocktails Package (unlimited drinks for an hour) - $35. Cash Bar available for additional cocktails and drinks. MIST Harlem will open at 6:00pm for ticket holders who want to enjoy a full dining experience in the restaurant before the show. It is produced by A Muse Management NYC. Purchase tickets at:  or contact My Image Studios Harlem (MIST Harlem) at 212.828.MIST

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