Keith Robinson's new album "LOVE EPISODIC"
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Black Star News had the pleasure of speaking with the multi-talented singer, song-writer and actor,
A driven man, who admits that he prefers a full plate, has come crashing into 2017 just the way he likes it...with multiple projects spanning from television to music, all the way to the big screen!
Many of us know him from acting in over 60 television and film roles, including "DREAM GIRLS", "35 AND TICKING",
"THIS CHRISTMAS" and his current role on Bounce TV's hit musical drama, "SAINTS AND SINNERS".
But there is another side of Keith to discover. The soulful singer, song-writer and head of his own scoring company, THEME SONG. They have scored the soundtracks for the likes of "FAT ALBERT" and "35 AND TICKING".
A star in his own right, Keith has had the pleasure of working with some of Hollywood's hottest names, such as Eddie Murphy, Vanessa Bell Calloway, Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum.
This summer he will play a major role in the highly anticipated biopic about the life of Tupac Shakur, "ALL EYES ON ME".
Although he has achieved much success as an actor, including an Oscar nomination for his role as "CC White" in "DREAM GIRLS", music is his first love. "If I had to choose one, and I love them both, it would be music.", he says.
Today, March 31, 2017, Keith's new album, "LOVE EPISODIC", is available for sale on iTunes.
He describes his unique sound as "millennium soul". Smooth tunes reminiscent of 90's R&B, blended with today's sound. The first single, "Miles High", is currently climbing the charts.
In Keith's words, "Every scene has a rhythm and every song has some drama." And he has plenty of both coming our way!
Don't miss your chance to be wooed by his silky voice and passionate melodies on "LOVE EPISODIC" or watch him light up the screen
in season 2 of "SAINTS SINNERS" and the Tupac Shakur biopic, "ALL EYES ON ME".

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