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[Liberian Rapper Tamba Hali\"Payday" song]
“Pay Day” is the third single from Tamba’s upcoming project LIBERIA, a compilation featuring entirely Liberian artists, released via Relumae Records.
Photo: Ashford Media

Liberian-born recording artist and former Kansas City Linebacker, Tamba Hali, (above right) released the official video for the latest Relumae Records single “Payday” featuring and produced by Masterkraft.

On "Pay Day," Tamba’s rapping is assisted by Masterkraft’s singing and trap influenced production. Shot in Liberia, by Liberian director Sesan, the video finds the two vibing together along the Liberian countryside.

Premiered via LADYGUNN Magazine, “Pay Day” is the third single from Tamba’s upcoming project LIBERIA, a compilation featuring entirely Liberian artists, released via Relumae Records. Before the release of “Pay Day,” “Swag” and “Latido” were the latest singles released from Liberia.

The video for “Swag” had its broadcast premiere on BET International. Prior to “Swag” Tamba released his beautifully shot “Girl Like U” video. Shot in Liberia, the video cinematically captures the countries captivating beaches. Through working with Liberian artists on the upcoming Relumae Records EP, and continuing to shoot videos in Liberia, Tamba is aiding in the reinvigoration of the Liberian economy and its arts community one collaboration at a time.

More on Tamba Hali:

Whether playing the Defensive End for the Kansas City Chiefs or navigating the direction of his burgeoning label, Relumae Records, the six foot three inch, Liberian-born athlete/recording artist moves like a quiet storm with humility. Parts of Tamba Hali’s personal journey read like a fiction novel. He and his seven siblings fled from war-torn Liberia to the Ivory Coast during his youth only to later join his father, a chemistry and physics professor, in New Jersey. Playing the drums and singing in the choir began for Hali in Liberia, which transitioned to writing rhymes once he was in Teaneck, NJ and was first introduced to A Tribe Called Quest, 2Pac, Biggie and Jay-Z.

His love of production surfaced in college as Hali always found a way to be around music. Enter Relumae Records. Athlete, artist and businessman - Tamba Hali strives to be “the guy who is going to prove a lot of people wrong. I want people to remember me as a professional athlete and recording artist, and that everything I did, I put my heart into and did well.”

Tamba Hali's "Payday" video can be seen here:

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