"Love Signals"...Freddie Jackson is back for "ONE NIGHT"

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Get ready because Freddie is back! It's been a while since
we’ve had the pleasure of hearing some new music from
Mr. Freddie Jackson. And in the meantime
we've lost Luther Vandross, Prince and Michael Jackson.
The world is hungry for some real love songs, and who better
to bring us back to the essence of R&B music, but the master
crooner himself, Freddie Jackson!
He has a brand new album, “LOVE SIGNALS” filled with track after
track of beautiful, soulful ballads and upbeat songs that wane
you to the dance floor. The lead single, “ONE NIGHT”, debuts
on May 1st, 2017, just in time for spring…the season of new love.
“All of my fans and Luther’s fans are missing are missing that
real R&B music with the right dose of soul and smooth melodies.
I've gone back to my soulful beginnings and blended it with all
of the different music experiences I've collected throughout my
career. The world is waiting for this. I don't even have a
favorite track on this album, they're ALL my favorite!”
He describes his new project, “LOVE SIGNALS”, as not just an
album, but a movement. “I didn't just make a record, just to
do it. There was a reason. The world is in a confused state.
Wars, tragedies and so many other terrible things are occurring.
It's time for love! We need to start sending love to one another.”
And who has time to think about hate when Freddie is belting
out a tender rendition of, “Have you ever loved somebody”?
His voice is enough to quiet any storm. And he has gone through
plenty of his own. Including losing his mother and his sister to cancer.
These painful losses forced him to reassess his life and figure out
what direction he wanted to go in.. “I had to learn to remain positive
despite the bumps in the road and exert good energy. I cleaned out
my mind and removed negative people from my life. This allowed me
to get back to ME and the music I love to make.”
And we all know he's more than capable of that. Since his debut in
1985, he has had over 15 singles in the top 10 on the BILLBOARD CHARTS!
Despite not releasing any new music in recent years, Freddie has continued
to tour frequently. He has a new band and their young energy keeps
Freddie in the zone while he performs.
“I love being on the road and connecting with my fans. Interacting
with the audience is the best feeling. Each city has different energy
and loves me for different reasons.” And he has gained some new
fans along the way. Not only are the mothers and fathers coming
out to the shows, now Freddie's charm and silky voice have
caught the attention of a younger audience. “My audience has
definitely expanded. Teens and young adults are coming to my
shows and singing every word to my hit records. They want to
experience the love and intimacy their parents did. It's so, so
You can catch Mr. Jackson in a city near you, this April through
August on his “ONE NIGHT TOUR”, named after the lead single,
“ONE NIGHT”. It will take you from the classic Freddie Jackson
to the Melba Moore introduced the world to, all the way to the
ever-evolving R&B soul melodist we've been longing to hear.
The single debuts on May 1st, 2017 and will be followed by the album,
Please don't miss the chance to be entertained by one of the most
charismatic and passionate vocalists of our times!


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