Lovely Multi-talented Heather Goedel

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Where She’s From: Lovely entertainment artist Heather Goedel, whose Zodiac sign is Leo, was born In Provo Utah and raised in Rancho Cucamonga, Ca.

“My family never had much money growing up,� she tells The Black Star News. “For that I am thankful. I was taught humility, gratitude, and creativity. It is amazing how much self discovery one can do when they have so little. My relationships now are a reflection of how I was raised. I went to Rancho Cucamonga high school. I was always the choir girl around town. I was always singing and performing, at random functions. I remember one time the city put a huge picture of me singing the national anthem at the Quakes baseball stadium. It was like the biggest thing in our little community.�

“I first launched my career in singing back in 2002,� Heather continues. “I was auditioned by Gladys Knight to sing in her Gospel Choir for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Since then I have managed to keep somewhat of a busy schedule in music. I have worked with people such as Jason Edmunds, Victor Newman, Xyion Ent., Chino x-hale, Rasheed Richmond, Ryan Leslie, Gladys Knight, Rasheeda Johnson, John Fluker, Shar Jackson, Alejandra Jackson, La don from AS YET, Tyrese Gibson and many many more.�

Where She’s At:
Heather’s experience and musical interests are far reaching—her energy is boundless. “I have worked in all aspects of music,� she explains. “I have experienced the in-front of the camera side, and also the production side. My passion is in the writing. Nothing is more powerful then the right chord with the right lyrics. With such a combination l have literally seen lives change. I am yet to meet my musical goals. I am currently working on a few projects. I plan on producing material for a few artists, and also setting them up to get signed by major labels.�

“Learning the industry has always been difficult,� Heather confides. “I come from a highly religious background. I was always well-known in my immediate community and I come from a well respected family. There are many ways into this industry. The pressure for a woman to be a sex symbol has always been an issue. I have lost out on four or five major deals because I was unwilling to compromise my standards. I am determined to be the one that has a positive message towards young people. I believe that what I have is a gift. It is important that I exercise my gift in the way that it was intended. Whether I’m Beyonce or the girl singing on the corner in Hollywood I am happy knowing that I am living my life right and that my lyrics are being felt by those that care.�

“It is so important to combine brain power and beauty,� Heather urges other young aspiring artists, models and entertainers. “There is definitely a catch 22 to this concept. On one end you have to be pretty to make it in this industry—Yet on the other hand the prettier you are the less people believe you actually have a brain. I love to write poetry about these types of issues. It is a fine combination, and when mastered it is so powerful.�

Where She’s Heading:
“I recently joined a band called Saints Row the sound is bananas,� Heather says. “On lead is Ladon from As Yet, along with two other amazing back up singers, and a six piece band. We plan on going on tour in the summer of 07. Also in 07 I have many performances with Gladys Knight. We just wrapped six amazing performances in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and we are getting ready to go to North Carolina, and Sacramento. We will take a break for the summer and that’s when I’ll start tour with Saints Row.�

So how does this tremendous talent prepare to step out? “I’m not a big brand person. I’m not too much into labeling myself one way or the other.  I like nice things but I don’t  obsess over them.  I love arebonne skin care, and I love Laura Mercier Makeup. They are very natural, and they keep me feeling like I look clean and presentable. I love to shop, but not in what I call cookie cutter places. I like to wear things that no one else can find. If that means thrift then that’s fine with me. As long as it has a unique style to it I like it. The saying that I live by is that ‘Small thing make big things.’ So many people dig themselves in these huge pits of unhappiness. And they dig themselves there usually by something small. Likewise with success you have to start small.�

Heather’s Words Of Wisdom:
“With each penny comes a dollar, and then 20 and then 100 and so on and so on.�
Heather’s Secrets Of Success: “It is important that we remember the small things in life. They are more important then the big things sometimes.�
Heather’s Three Favorite Movies: “Napoleon Dynamite, Last Samurai, and the Passion of the Christ.�
Heather’s Three Favorite Books: “The Miracle Of Forgiveness, The Autobiography Of Muhammad Ali’s Daughter, and the Bible.�
Three Leaders That Inspire Heather: “Gladys Knight, India.arie, and Erykah Badu.�
The First Three Things Heather Would Do As President: “Pay teachers more, rate television and media shows, and create healthier living standards for Americans.�

Heather’s Favorite Cars: “Ford Broncos, Mercedes G Wagon, and Range Rovers. Why a Ford Bronco? I
just have a thing for them; I love the dirty natural feel to them. Plus my car isn’t what defines me. I think it makes a powerful statement to step out of a car looking like a million bucks, and the car is just so beat up. As if to say ‘who cares.’ Of course I like luxury cars. My favorite thing about them is that they have seat warmers.�
Heather’s Five Favorite Musicians: “Amel Larrieux, Erykah Badu, India.arie, Tank and Gladys Knight. Amel Larrieux was who initially inspired me to start writing. I love her song Make Me Whole. I love the positive message that India.arie has and I think that Erykah Badu is a musical genius when it comes to lyrics, pronunciation and hidden messages. Tank is an amazing singer and writer. He has a special ear for good music, and Gladys is simply amazing. She has soul, depth and wisdom behind her music.�
An Interesting Heather Story: “I recently went on a trip to Louisiana to do a show with the S.U.V. choir. I was coming down the elevator to the lobby and the elevator was packed. It stopped at one floor, and as it opened I saw this guy that I hadn’t seen in six years. We were old college friends; we had actually attempted dating, but it didn’t work out. He was from Jersey and I was from L.A. and both of us weren’t planning on going back for school. In school we had a clique of about five friends. They were all Black except for him and me. He was the white boy and I was the white girl, but you could have never told us that. Both of us were from the block and we didn’t really know anything else especially in Idaho. There were few people we could relate to. After 2001 we didn’t stay in touch .He went his way and I went mine and I never thought twice about it. Well it turns up that he ended up moving to Vegas, for really no other reason than to work. Long story short, he ran into a close friend of mine that sang with Gladys. Up until that point he never mentioned to anyone that he sang. It really wasn’t a cool thing especially where he was from. Somehow he ended up singing for Gladys knight, and a few weeks later she put him in the show. When I saw those elevator doors open I was in absolute shock. It was an amazing experience to reconnect with him six years later, almost like a breath of fresh air. When I was in college he knew me as the singing girl, and he never mentioned that he could sing with so much soul. Both of us sing opposite of what is expected of us. And now that we have realized that we have so much in common, we have continued dating. It has been an awesome time.
And that is me. In a nut shell.�

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