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For over 60 years, Miles Davies made us bop to his Bebop Jazz.

Even though he is no longer with us, his music is still being released, sampled, rerecorded and re-released. In the 1940s, Miles embraced the bebop sound to record a classic “rebirth of cool.” Later his sound was to evolve into Jazz fusion, which blended elements of funk and R&B along with Jazz.

This latest CD “Evolution of the Groove” Featuring Santana, allows us to hear what Miles Davies would have sounded like had he still been alive. The CD takes original songs from Miles and adds modern break beats, guitar and vocals to it. All this was done by producer-drummer Vince Wilburn, nephew to Miles Davis.

Nas appears along with his father Olu Dara playing Trumpet on “Freedom Jazz Dance.”  Santana kicks off “It’s about that time,” with his unmistakable grungy electric guitar—
this track has a lot in it; African drums, electric guitars and lots of horns all blended seamlessly over a steady Bebop rhythm. “Black Satin,” which was one of Miles’ biggest songs also got a taste of the remix treatment. The song was taken from the album “On the corner,” and was boosted with more bass, percussion and guitars.

All tracks still contain the sounds from the original musicians like Herbie Hancock, John Coltrane, Ron Carter and many more greats of yesteryear.

The CD blends many elements of modern music to Miles Davies’ Jazz and creates a high breed which I hope will be the next big thing; it’s surely an experiment that has clearly worked. The CD was released by Sony BMG records.

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