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Lenny Harold


This powerful and inspiring anthem of hope, MAYDAY, written and performed by, New Jersey native, Lenny Harold, was recently released online on December 3, 2014.

It has been making strong headway and going viral with hash tags such as #Mayday #MaydayBlackAmerica -joining other movement inspired hash tags, such as #BlackLivesMatter.

Performing globally with legendary group, Blackstreet, is no distraction for the power house singer/songwriter as he spills his heart on current events, along side lyricist, The IZM., on this emotional song, MAYDAY.

Lenny shares in his visual press release interview, that he wanted to help and didn't know exactly how, but he knew it would be musical as the greats did it. When the words finally dropped in his spirit he knew that this was what he finally could contribute to the tragic times and injustice facing Black men and today's police negligence.

Electing lyricist/producer, The IZM. and producer/singer/songwriter, A-natural, was a no brainer in making his words come to life.

…“Can’t help the color you see and why you fear me and why it’s ok to watch us bleed.

The hate in your heart comes so easy. I fear what could become of all who look like me.

Mayday MAYDAY, Where is the love now? Mayday, MAYDAY! Hearts are crying out.”…(Lyrics from Mayday. Written by: Lenny Harold)

Lenny prays his message of hope will inspire a nation to believe in change and raise the issues that are hurting not only Black America, but this entire country. Please take the time to spread this message of love and awareness as we support each other and demand change, transparency and justice in our communities and in this country.

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