Music: Rob-O Is Rising

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(The Black Star News’s business columnist Phil Andrews interviewed Rob-O, Hip-Hop rising star, shown right)

BSN: Rob-O, at what age did you first develop an interest in music?
Rob-O: I have always had a love for music; since I was a child music has been around me. It's been embedded in my head since a youngster.

BSN: You have built up quite a hug fan base. What is the age range of your fan base? 
Rob-O: There is no age range, my fan base ranges from little kids to senior citizens. Everybody can move or relate to my music!

BSN: Could you describe for our readers what they can expect to hear from your tracks?
Rob-O: I am basically like a newspaper; I report what goes on in my neighborhood daily! I also put my two cents in about other local happenings, national news, politics, and the struggle of people surviving in the hood.

BSN: Do you have any members of your family who have been in the music industry? 
Rob-O: My Grandfather has been on the billboard charts as a gospel singer. My whole family is music orientated. So it’s safe to say it’s in my blood.

BSN: What is the name of your entertainment management company? 
Rob-O: My entertainment company is 100 Proof Entertainment, and our Indie label is 5TH Avenue Records.

BSN: Rob-O, what does the name 100 Proof stand for? 
Rob-O: 100 Proof is very strong liquor. The name just symbolizes the strength of my music, and to make people feel what I’m saying--all they need is a little taste.

BSN: How did you get the stage name Rob-O?
Rob-O: Basically, it came from my regular name, everybody calls me Rob, so I put a big “O� on the end to symbolize all the zeroes on the checks I receive.

BSN: Where has your music been featured?
Rob-O: All across the East Coast; New York, Texas, Georgia, North Carolina, New Jersey, South Carolina, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, and Alabama just to name a few.

BSN: What entertainer would you say your style is similar to and what has brought about that comparison?
Rob-O: I have my own style, but if I had to make a comparison it would be LL Cool J. First, I have a similar drive and love for music, and just like Ladies Love Cool J, Ladies Love Rob-O!!

BSN: What does it take to be a great entertainer?
Rob-O: First you have to have the natural gift. Stars are born, and not made! Second, you have to have a unique sounding voice. You can’t sound like every other artist that’s out there. Third, your business has to be set up right, if that’s not in line there’s no artist.

BSN: What are your immediate goals in the music industry?
Rob-O: My immediate goal is to be No. 1. My goal is to show people that doing music is not a trend it's something that comes from the soul and you have to love it. Most people do music for the bright lights, hot cars, and jewelry, but I do it because it is in me.

BSN: Do you have a web site where our readers can sample a taste of your music?
Rob-O: For right now, they can catch me at  An independent web site will be launched soon. 

BSN: What message would you like to send to our youth?
Rob-O: Whatever dreams you have if you put enough effort towards them, you can accomplish them. You get out of life what you put into it.

BSN: What motivates you to stay involved in the music industry?
Rob-O: Right now I’m laying down the concrete for upcoming artist to walk on! After I’ve made my mark in the game other artist will see my accomplishments and walk down that same block!!

BSN: What are some of your interests outside of the music industry?
Rob-O: Music that’s all!

BSN: What has been your most memorable experience to date since getting involved in the music business?
Rob-O: The first time I was recognized in the public’s eye was crazy. I used to write music to myself and rhyme to myself, and the first time I performed in front of a large crowd I realized this is it. I'm poppin' now!

BSN: Any closing comments?
Rob-O: Album in stores soon. Just entered into a deal with a major for worldwide distribution and a few other surprises. Pay close attention to me because I'm something to watch!!!! Remember PROOF GANG All Day! I'LL HOLLA!!!!

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