Musical Key To Heart

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I am home alone listening to a newly produced jazz CD and the music is penetrating my complete being.  Can I say beautiful!  Yes, I can.  So let me repeat it, Gregory Kilpatrick’s latest CD “Come on Overâ€? is simply beautiful.   Maybe, I am just an old romantic or someone who simply appreciates the smooth,mellow sounds of jazz.  Whichever it may be, I have to say that “Come On Overâ€? can be the one to hold the key to my heart and perhaps your heart as well. The music is pure and smooth. I closed my eyes and just listened while my spirit took a journey to a wonderful place of peace and serenity.

No, it is not Heaven, but almost. It is Gregory Kilpatrick, mesmerizing me with his innocent yet alluring and jazzy bass playing melodies of love. With each song, I was taking a new breath of fresh air that placed me in such a relaxed mode it was like therapy to my soul. The instrumental solos, on “My Love� and “El Baile�, were sweetly talking to me as I laid back and experienced every succinct note.
This CD will embrace you, hold you, and just may have you pressing “To The Promise With Praiseâ€? because the “G Thangâ€? is here “On The One.â€?  The son of a preacher man, Gregory Kilpatrick, began playing bass guitar at age five. He was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey. Gregory witnessed the powerful fusion of his minister father's inspirational words and the soul stirring music often when attending his father’s church. In fact, it was this spiritual reality that provided Gregory with his vision and has enabled him to compile a staggering repertoire of Contemporary Gospel, Jazz and Rhythm and Blues compositions. Gregory does not only play an instrument; he makes it come alive. This young, gifted musician has not only mastered the bass and rhythm guitars but also the piano.

You may ask -- why haven’t I heard more about him.  You wonder where has he been? Well, the answer is, Kilpatrick, has been working as a local musician for various artists as their bass guitar player and pianist. Depending on what Sunday of the month, you may find him playing for Union Baptist Church in Montclair, New Jersey.  However, Kilpatrick has played in countless venues and strumming his bass guitar or tickling his piano for numerous artists he has had the fortune to work with.  He has worked with artists such as Mikki Howard, Melba Moore, Kashif, Me’lissa Morgan, and Bobby Humphrey.

At the center of Gregory's band and his original compositions is a gentleman who navigates musical notes to the soul, prompting an outburst of applause and kudos from his adoring fans. Gregory Kilpatrick is poised on the brink of success and this jazz enthusiast can say with great certainty that Kilpatrick is destined to add his name to the list of great Contemporary Jazz composers and musicians. Cross all genres and you spend years perfecting your craft. So why not experience Gregory Kilpatrick for yourself. Go check out his website at It will make you want to rush to the record store and support this talented artist.

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