CHEKX new single “PRAYER”
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Welcome Reggae/DanceHall artist Joel Smith a.k.a. "Chekx" from Kingston, Jamaica. Chekx started doing music to speak about the many things he has seen and experienced throughout his travels and to express his feelings regarding ongoing situations in society. “Music is life. If I stop doing music, then I stop living.” 

Chekx started singing at the age of 13 on the church choir at the Apostolic Church he used to attend with his family, yet he did not start singing professionally until the age of 30. As a child he was fascinated with the weather and dreamt of becoming a Meteorologist but his love for music and his will to bring people together through music was stronger.

He got his professional start in the music industry doing graphics, websites and programming computers for artists and other employees affiliated with the music industry. This led to him playing many different roles in the industry, such as Publishing Administrator, Record Label Manager and Recording Engineer. 


Chekx now owns his label, E7EMusic LLC, alongside his partner Fabian Cortes and his own entertainment company, Chekx Entertainment, which he runs with the help of his business partner and life coach Kofi Bannerman and his manager Davila.

He has his own unique sound, flow and style which he attributes to the fact that he fuses a variety of genres (Reggae, Gospel, DanceHall, Hip-Hop) into his music. His songs are easy on the ears, family friendly and versatile. "People are drawn to my music. I make songs that bring people together and allow them to focus on looking more positively into the mind and soul instead of judging each other by what we see on the outside." 


For this reason, Bob MarleyPeter Tosh, Buju Banton and Sizzla Kalonji are his musical idols. "I truly admire these musicians and how their music spreads consciousness to the world while still being highly entertaining." He is also influenced by Bounty KillerVybz KartelMavado and Aidonia.


A peaceful and God-fearing man, in his free time Chekx enjoys meditating, writing, reading, playing sports and spending countless hours creating music. This year we got to see the fruits of his labor. On April 10th, 2020 Chekx released his debut single, "PRAYER" as a birthday gift to himself and he was featured on Rasta Steve'salbum, "Like A Yardie" on the track "Cellular". "I have really been working quite hard on my music and I am so excited to share it!'

Chekx is an amazing musician with a great mind for business. He intends to put his degrees to work and educate other artists in the Reggae/Dancehall industry. "Business isn't always being done the correct way. As artists we're urged to focus on the musical side, but it is very important that we are educated about the business side of the industry so we are not taken advantage of." 

He has future plans to produce a Reggae/Dancehall Award shows and to give back to the industry from those earnings. "I love making music for the people and I hope to continue doing it for many years to come. My hope is that I will touch lives and earn enough money to create a legacy that will take care of my family, my children and my children's children. I want to earn a Grammy, an Oscar and build franchises and real estate assets...the sky is the limit!" 


Chekx's favorite quote is, 'Time is master of all things wherefore we have to be a master of our time and utilize it effectively and efficiently by all means necessary.' And that is exactly what he is doing. 

In the words of the great Bob Marley, "None but ourselves can free our mind." So tap into Chekx's music, free your mind and let the music fill your thoughts... 



Official video for Chekx "Prayer":

Rasta Steve ft. Chekx "Cellular":



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