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The trials and tribulations of growing up on North side of Milwaukee taught this man a very valuable lesson, “One can’t steal the jewels from your crown when the jewels are inside of you.”

And music was always inside of upcoming emcee, HOLY RACKZ. He grew up in Milwaukee, the only child, spoiled and happy. Unfortunately, his comfortable childhood would abruptly changed when his mother’s boyfriend’s illegal activities caught up to him and he was sent to prison for life. HOLY and his mom were forced to move out of the suburbs to the lower class area of North Milwaukee. His neighborhood was now flooded with drugs, gang and violence. Worst of all, his mother fell victim to substance abuse. Life became increasingly difficult. Throughout all of these trials he found solace in one thing…music.

HOLY loved Hip-Hop and R&B music and its culture. He was fascinated by lyrics and the beats they flowed over. He listened to his favorite artists such as Ice Cube, Chuck D, Nas, Frankie Beverly and Maze, Scarface, Al Green and Tupac. Their music spoke to his soul and inspired him to create his own music.

Determined to rise above his circumstances and make a better life for himself and his family, HOLY began writing his own rhymes and recording in the studio. “It felt so natural. I️ knew I was in the right place! I️ learned the process of creating music from beginning to end and developed my own sound.”

Music brought him joy, but hustling in the streets brought him fast money. Trying to balance the two eventually landed HOLY in prison. He served his time in the penitentiary and returned home with an even fiercer passion to succeed. “Prison made me realize that I️ can only control myself and my decisions. I changed my way of thinking and it lightened the load to rise above the negativity and nonsense. I spent many days and nights envisioning what I wanted to do with my life when I️ came home…and music was the answer.”

HOLY got back on his music grind, writing and recording music non -stop! He rapped about his life experiences, both good and bad, to create a mixtape that represents him as an emcee. The result is his upcoming release, “SIGN OF THE TIMES VOL.1”, twelve tracks of edgy, gripping and passionate rhymes intermingled with a blend of Hip-Hop beats and classic R&B. The lead single, “Trappin’ out da back door”, is already making noise!

HOLY RACKZ is making his own lane in the industry, as an emcee, CEO of his company, ‘Still I️ Rise’, producer of an upcoming mini-movie based on his life and plans to design a clothing line.
Keep your eye on this mogul in the making!

Official link to “Trappin’ out da back door”:

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