Nirvana: From Toronto With Love

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Where She’s From: Lovely entertainment artist Nirvana Savoury, whose Zodiac sign is Cancer, was born and raised in Toronto, Canada.

“I grew up in a busy household, and am the only girl amongst three brothers,” she tells The Black Star News. “Growing up with boys, I learned to be tough and outspoken. My mom taught me to be independent. She is a single mother who raised four kids on her own.”

She went to a performing school for the arts in Toronto called Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts. “My career in performing started as young as two years old. My career as a professional recording artist started when I was offered my first recording contract at 15 years old,” she adds. “I'm still learning, but I'm progressing everyday. I'm breaking through as a new artist, and it's very exciting.

I aspire to be a successful all-round entertainer. But most importantly, I look forward to using my success to help others reach
their goals and dreams.”

Where She’s At:
“I take life one day at a time,” she continues. “With everyday comes a new challenge, and I've learned that challenges are just experiences. With that in mind, when the challenge comes, I open myself to learning something new, and try not to take things too personal.”

Nirvana’s had much professional success in Canada and plans to duplicate it in the U.S.  “I was part of a Pop R&B group signed to Warner music. We released an album and received commercial success. We did the whole nine yards, including a Juno nomination which is the equivalent to a Grammy. Now I'm on my own as a solo artist, and I'm excited to see where my path leads me.”

“Everyone underestimates a pretty face,” Nirvana adds. “The last thing I'm trying to do is prove them right. A lot of times beauty will get you in the door, but brainpower is what seals the deal.”

So how does Nirvana prepare to step outside? “I try not to be too much of a brand whore,” she says, with a laugh, “but for my face, I love using Sonya Dakar's Skincare line. Since moving to New York City, one of the major fashion capitals of the world, I love taking strolls down 5th Ave and Soho to see the latest fashion creations. I really admire the creativity of some of the major designers such as Dior, I love Galiano, Chanel,  so glamorous and elegant, and Roberto Cavalli; Just what every woman needs in there summer season wardrobe, beautiful prints. Well, a girl’s gotta dream!”

Nirvana’s Words Of Wisdom:
“Don’t take life too seriously.”
Nirvana’s Secrets Of Success: “I surround myself with positive people.”
Nirvana’s Favorite Three Movies: “The Usual suspects, Matrix, The Sound of Music.”
Nirvana Favorite Three Books: “The Artists Way, The Purpose Driven Life, Don't sweat the small stuff.”

Leaders That Have Most Inspired Nirvana: “Well, there is one that is a personal leader in my heart and that's my uncle Quammie. But others who have inspired me are Josephine Baker, Cicely Tyson, Sidney Pottier, Oprah, Martin Luther King, and Malcom X.”

Nirvana—On Defeating Global AIDS Pandemic: “There needs to be a cure available to the public at a reasonable cost. But for right now, we need to keep pushing awareness: AIDS and HIV education. Especially amongst Black and Brown people, because it's proven we are the ones who are really being affected.”

The First Three Things Nirvana Would Do As President:  “First, I would end that very unnecessary war going on. Second, I would work on the bridging the economic and social gap. We are worried about poverty in other countries when most of us, especially the ones in more urban communities, are one paycheck away from being impoverished. And lastly, I think we never truly got our just do for what happened 200 years ago—slavery. Yeah can we do something about that? Reparation is long over due. Move over Obama! Nirvana for President.”

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