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DJ ALLSTAR, one of NYC's premier DJs
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JOHN "JAY" DONEGAIN JR., known to us as, DJ ALLSTAR, is one of New York City's premier Disc Jockeys (DJs).
Jay is an "Open Format DJ", which means he plays different genres of music. During his set you're bound to hear everything from mainstream, Hip-Hop, R&B and Vocal/Top 40 House to underground music trying to breakthrough on the charts. He especially enjoys playing Vocal/Top 40 House. "I enjoy spinning Hip-Hop and R&B, but I really enjoy Vocal House. It puts me in the zone."
An avid music lover since childhood, Jay grew up listening to and appreciating many different kinds of music. He was also fascinated by the entertainment world and longed to be a part of it.
His passion for music and entertainment led him to attend A.I.R. (The Institute of Audio Research), where he majored in Music Production.
There Jay learned the technologies of mixing and the fundamentals of audio sound and digital/audio recording and editing.
After graduating from A.I.R. he spent the next few years honing his craft by playing at various clubs, venues, and private events. His unique talent behind the "wheels of steel" quickly earned him a reputation. Suddenly, DJ ALLSTAR was in high demand on the local club/party circuit. His hard work and perseverance was finally paying off and people were taking notice.
A chance meeting with DJ A-Star of DESERT STORM RADIO in 2013 turned his dreams into reality. "A-Star introduced himself to me and we hit it off. We had a great convo about music and DJ'g and the next thing you know I was signing with DESERT STORM."
DJ ALLSTAR was now a part of the elite team at DESERT STORM RADIO, a 24-hour live-streaming radio show headed by the World Famous DJ CLUE. D.S.R. is broadcasted worldwide in 34 different countries.
Jay was given his own radio show, The ALLSTAR SHOW, which currently airs every Sunday. Millions of listeners tune in from the U.S.A. and other countries to hear him spin. His Co-Hosts, Prafit and L.O., are two vibrant personalities who bring a lot of flavor and laughter to the show. They discuss todays social issues and interact with the fans and listeners who call the station.
DJ ALLSTAR's elite skills combined with Prafit and L.O.'s friendly and socially conscious banter have made The ALLSTAR SHOW one of the top-rated shows on DESERT STORM RADIO!
Jay has progressed from the little boy who loved music to a triple threat... Disc Jockey, Radio Personality and Businessman, as he is also C.E.O. of his own company, "TEAM ALLSTAR".
Jay aspires to take his career to the highest plateau and become a world-wide brand. He admires fellow DJs CLUE, KHALED and SELF, who have all been successful in doing this.
"CLUE, KHALED and SELF definitely raised the bar for all DJs. And they showed me how you can start off local and then take your career to the next level."
Jay considers himself very blessed to be able to pursue his career while maintaining a happy home with his beautiful wife and two children. When asked how he balances the busy night life of a DJ with his family he responded, "You can't! (laughing). There has to be compromise and understanding between you and your family. My wife is my biggest fan. She is very supportive of my career. She has even attended some of my gigs."
To date, DJ ALLSTAR has played events for the some of the biggest names in Hip-Hop such as JadaKiss, Joe Budden and Juelz Santana.
You can check out DJ ALLSTAR's live set at the following venues: In Queens at CityScapes NYC and Heaven's Gentleman's Club or in Long Island at Hypnosis 8.0 and The Emporium.
His radio broadcast, The ALLSTAR SHOW, airs every Sunday from 8pm-10pm Eastern Standard Time.
We, here at BLACKSTAR NEWS, wish DJ ALLSTAR much more success and look forward to watching this rising star reach the top!

Twitter: @DJALLSTAR102
Instagram: @DJALLSTAR
Bookings: bookdjallstar@gmail

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